Wednesday, January 25, 2017

174 311 | CNN's reporting, January 25, 2017, 'Mexico does not believe in walls'

174 seconds.... New World Order = 174


  1. Well I finally came to the conclusion that Zach is indeed a Zionist shill. This is coming from someone who’s gone back and forth with other youtubers that were against, me and RFG had a 2-3 day back and forth of me defending Zach. But that last MLK day video is what did for me.

    The video length happen to be 42:55

    NIGGER = 42
    FIVE = 42
    FIVE = 42

    42 and 59 the two numbers stamped all over Black America. Your video was 4 seconds from being 42:59 in length.

    FOUR = 24 (42)
    FOUR = 60
    NIGGER = 60

    Interesting about the :55
    TRAP = 55
    MIXED = 55 (Lies mixed in with some truth, just like you claim MLK and Malcolm X were doing)

    When I was at work contemplating on all this, I told myself, I wonder if he was wearing a blue shirt, Io and behold, everything was blue, your face, hat, shirt. Everyone can go check for themselves, that was the nail in the coffin
    BLUES = 59

    I was already feeling some type of way when you made sure the letter ‘G’ (33) was in your car crash video. That you would choose $33,000 as your donation mark instead of choosing another number to symbolize something positive, and you want to call Gary out about his 33 tat. I know there was a bunch of other stuff before that exposed you, but I usually brushed it off. But it seems like you yourself can’t get away from these same numbers you use to expose these Zionist.

    SIXTY-SIX = 149
    SHILL = 33

    Something else that’s interesting is how all of this happens to be coming to light at your age off 33

    I’ll continue to post this on all the blog posts you put up, and update it whenever it’s something everyone should know.

    1. ^^^...rather than trying to wake the masses up, good work! I see you dont mind taking it in the ass along with the other sheep...rather than exposing Zach, there are bigger targets that are doing way worse to mankind...but yeah, work on exposing Zach, then get back to your Matzo Balls

  2. hello Zach - here is more proof you are on the right track
    crisis actors busted - parasites being parasites


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