Wednesday, January 25, 2017

55 | Reader Contribution, death of Lee "Q" O'Deant, two days after signing with MTV for new TV show

Read my earlier post on Lee's death here:


  1. Niice

    A massage parlor in San Diego

    San Diego =38

    He's born 11/2
    Chargers relocates 1/12

    Lee was 43
    Chargers =43

    Forty three =59 the 17th prime


  2. Well I finally came to the conclusion that Zach is indeed a Zionist shill. This is coming from someone who’s gone back and forth with other youtubers that were against, me and RFG had a 2-3 day back and forth of me defending Zach. But that last MLK day video is what did for me.

    The video length happen to be 42:55

    NIGGER = 42
    FIVE = 42
    FIVE = 42

    42 and 59 the two numbers stamped all over Black America. Your video was 4 seconds from being 42:59 in length.

    FOUR = 24 (42)
    FOUR = 60
    NIGGER = 60

    Interesting about the :55
    TRAP = 55
    MIXED = 55 (Lies mixed in with some truth, just like you claim MLK and Malcolm X were doing)

    When I was at work contemplating on all this, I told myself, I wonder if he was wearing a blue shirt, Io and behold, everything was blue, your face, hat, shirt. Everyone can go check for themselves, that was the nail in the coffin
    BLUES = 59

    I was already feeling some type of way when you made sure the letter ‘G’ (33) was in your car crash video. That you would choose $33,000 as your donation mark instead of choosing another number to symbolize something positive, and you want to call Gary out about his 33 tat. I know there was a bunch of other stuff before that exposed you, but I usually brushed it off. But it seems like you yourself can’t get away from these same numbers you use to expose these Zionist.

    SIXTY-SIX = 149
    SHILL = 33

    Something else that’s interesting is how all of this happens to be coming to light at your age off 33

    I’ll continue to post this on all the blog posts you put up, and update it whenever it’s something everyone should know.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Funny this is the first comment you've ever posted on here lol. You say it was 4 seconds from being 42:59, it was also 5 seconds from being 43:00 and you having no leg to stand on. Most people round up, it was a 43 minute video. FYI I can do the same to you, your account was made in May of 08', 58 (Freemasonry=58)

    3. You must be color blind too you stupid fuck, it's a gray shirt, not blue. Look at the color on the left, the sunlight makes it look slightly blue, you can still tell it's gray though.

    4. Actually this isn't my first post, I was following him when he had only a few thousand subscribers on youtube. And I can link you the back and forth I've had with RFG and the recent comment I sent to Gary about him and Zach working together, before seeing his twitter and finding out how much of a scumbag that guy really is.

      It doesn't matter if it was the sun or not, its such a coincidence that the video where he's speaking on MLK and blacks in general, that happens to be 42:55, he appears to be blue, even his face. You're also a complete idiot for bringing up rounding up or down for his video, does Zach round up or down when pointing out how certain video's are 33 seconds long, 2:33, or 1:06?

      What I wrote in the post is exactly how he goes about relating his gematria to everyone. I know there's going to be a lot of Zach supporters going against what I wrote, but there's something not right about him lately.

    5. That's some terrible logic there Mr Lot. Your post was made at 1:39 AM
      Freemasonry = 139 so I am now convinced you are a Freemason.

      I don't spend any of my precious time going to websites that I don't think contain good information, and I think that's true of any normal person. All these people filling up the comments sections with negativity make no sense, except as deliberate spreaders of negativity.

    6. I'm just saying you took the weakest arguments possible, Legionary is better at doing what you're trying to do. Talking about his face color due to sun reflection lol. And you never see him talk about a lengthy video like that, he talks about short clips that have odd time-stamps like 0:33 or 1:13. Also yes Gary is a crybaby who moans on twitter about democrats/anyone who dislikes him.

    7. So his name Gematria isn't concerning? His car crash video with the clear solo 'G' isn't concerning? MLK/Blacks video that happens to be 42:55, numbers that he uses "again and again" to show coded black hatred is coded into the english language, the guy who looks for numbers everywhere, even when he buys a table, he matches table gematria to the date he bought it, you don't think he looks at the times of his videos? Lets be serious here. And he picks $33,000 for his donation, and no one can see that he can't stay away from these same numbers he uses to expose the zionists, masons, etc

    8. @CantStopGeorge so with your argument, had his video fell on exactly 42:59, no argument can be made about that cause we round up? I was a supporter of Zach's until this recent stuff, if I kept records of all the times people called him out on things, it would be 100's of lines long. I don't have time to go to his join dates, his first video, first blog, etc. But whats been showing up recently is strong enough proof that Zach is probably a shill and throwing it right into out faces, just like these same elites are doing.

    9. The problem with your theory is for him to get that time he would've had to watch the clock closely, he didn't even have a edit for an encore in that video, those would be the most likely ones where he wanted a certain time if youre using that argument. Also if you actually do this somewhat often yes if you make a purchase sometimes things will sync up why not document it? Dan B does it a lot on his channel.

    10. Also go google Insulation and see how many companies have G's, it's common, if you ripped up your insulation you'd likely see the same thing.

    11. Lets also let him get away with him actually getting on camera and having the NERVE to say that two of the five teams he said would most likely make it to the Superbowl, two of them are in it. Throughout the whoooooooole season, he never mentioned the Falcons, it was Colts, Giants, and Vikings, he might've thrown Patriots around here and there.

      He's completely wrong, so playoff comes around and he actually makes a video stating that his original picks was Colts and Packers, that's five teams right there. Then in his playoff blogs he mentions Packers, Cowboys, Patriots, Steelers, all possible to make it to the Superbowl, that's 7, might've been more than that. But not once, not one time did I see him post anything about the Falcons making it to the Superbowl. But this guy actually lies to all of us, and all of his subscribers that the Falcons was one of five teams he said would possibly make it to the Superbowl, and this is okay to all of you?

      I'm pretty sure its okay to you CantStopGeorge, but everyone else?

    12. In his original video with prince he did mention the falcons lol, everyone on here knew matt ryan and anrew luck were the only 2 qb's with 112 gematria. Plus he mentioned falcons in the Keion Carpenter video.

    13. But he was more confident in 7 other teams before the Falcons, once again, the whole playoffs went by without him mentioning them once making it. He doesn't get any credit at all, and he shouldn't have given himself that credit either. And that shouldn't be okay to anyone for him to get on camera and lie so arrogantly the way he did.

      I might give RFG and russianvids that mlk information, not sure yet. I'll know for sure when Zach responds in the scumbag way he always does when someone has an opposing view.

    14. Lot for someone that says they understand and follow Zach's work you sure do not know how to apply gematria. Typing in a name and seeing what words it matches with is moronic. You have to look for consistent patterns which statistically show that the numbers are not arbitrary. Every single name will line up with something bad if you look hard enough. That's not how you're supposed to use gematria to seek the truth. None of what you stated in your above comments have any statistical significance. Just think about how many videos he has. You could find almost any timestamps you want out of all of them. By your logic, literally every single person can be called out as a freemason. The more info you have on them the easier it is to draw these insignificant correlations.

      Regarding his predictions, what do they matter? Predictions are not the proof here (though he does have an incredible track record). The scientific proof lies in statistics. It would have to be the biggest series of coincidences ever for the patterns and consistent coding in the same methods to be occurring naturally.

      Predictions are great if you can get them right, but there are so many different reasons why they can go wrong. For one, this is an incomplete study. Two, if you miss a crucial piece of information in your research, it can change your prediction completely. This is why different people and groups practicing gematria come to different conclusions on predictions.

      I don't ever see Zach trying to go out of his way to take credit. That's not what his work is about. It's about documenting and figuring this out further. So why not upload a video where he talked about the Falcons and their alignment in the beginning of the season? He was on the right track on what he was talking about and people can learn from that so maybe they don't make the same mistakes he made next season.

    15. Basketball = 85
      Great work!

      And as for Lot, this is just another dumb person in the world. He thinks the entire shill community teaming up on me means I am a shill? The lack of critical thinking speaks for itself.


  3. Portland Trailblazers game today was an honor to the 1977 Trailblazer team with Bill Walton who was in attendance tonight to watch his sons team the Lakers take on Portland. Pointspread on the game was portland -8.5 fairly because the trailblazers had won 9 of the last 10 meetings. Had to laugh when I saw that the Blazers won by 7 points in a game honoring the 77' Blazers against Luke Waltons Lakers who were just coming off an ugly loss to the mavs which would make betters hesitate to take the single didget pointspread. Vegas is in control.

  4. Zach, Butch Trucks, the founding member of The Allman Brothers Band, died on Tuesday. I think he was 69. Allman Brothers are from Georgia.
    Atlanta = 69

    1. My bad, Butch Trucks was from Jacksonville. Allman Brothers were from Nashville; Duane died in Macon and Gregg lives in Savannah.


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