Wednesday, January 25, 2017

17 36 43 44 58 59 96 | Lee Q O'Denat dead at 43, January 23, 2017 (A 2017 specific murder ritual?)

Did 'they' kill Q?

World Star Hip Hop, the initials, have a parallel to Freemasonry.

The website he established and is remembered for, happened when he was '33' years old.

As a New York native, it is interesting his time at head of WSHH lasted '10' years.

His age of death connects to RIP.  RIP = 18+9+16 = 43

His name + nickname yields the familiar '44' gematria.

Without the 'Q', his name sums to '36'.

1+2+3+4....+36 = 666

He died on January 23, or 1/23.  Conspiracy = 3+15+14+19+16+9+18+1+3+25 = 123

1/23/2017 = 1+23+20+17 = 61
1/23/2017 = 1+23+(2+0+1+7) = 34
1/23/2017 = 1+2+3+2+0+1+7 = 16
1/23/17 = 1+23+17 = 41

Again, 59 is the 17th prime, and here we are at the start of '17, or 2017.  Of course, 'Q' also connects to '17'.

The New York Times reports he was born November 2, 1973.

11/2/1973 = 11+2+19+73 = 105
11/2/1973 = 11+2+(1+9+7+3) = 33 (33 when he began WSHH)
11/2/1973 = 1+1+2+1+9+7+3 = 24
11/2/73 = 11+2+73 = 86 (Symbol) (Triangle) (Pyramid)

He died a span of 83-days after his 43rd birthday.  83, the reflection of '38'.


  1. Lee Q?
    That sounds like another pee pee joke from our Whizz ard overlords.

    1. Good catch Prunella! Your comments are great and they do make me laugh. Thanks.

    2. Thank you for the compliment. It's good to laugh at this stuff. We live in an astonishingly bizarre world and it's getting stranger by the day, but also less scary somehow. I mean, we have a president who tweets! I just love that.


  2. Replies
    1. I got your back friend ✌️

    2. I appreciate it! He started the website when he was 33-years old.

    3. 😂 the world is just so comical to me now... at times it's depressing.
      I tried to share some stuff of yours to a friend and he called this stuff a virus of the mind.

    4. My mom just called me a schizophrenic if it makes you feel any better.

    5. I share your work with my mom but she was born in 50' and she just doesn't think like me she says. My dad is three years older and had a stroke couple years back so he won't accept it. All my friends think it's bullshit. My wife thinks I'm crazy now so I can't talk to her about any of this. I really have no one to talk to any more. Just my self. It's almost not worth bothering with

  3. New LOW for Zack fraud Hubbard

    World Star .,... WTF

    Dude, just fertilize yourself!

  4. He has a show coming out next month on mtv2, maybe the date of its debut maybe relevant

  5. There is a tweet by VLAD TV. With a happy birthday to Lee O'Denat on Nov 2nd. Cubs day. Died of a Heart Attack. Heart Attack =108. Queens =81. Chicago=81. Lee O'Denat =81. Eighty one =108.


      Here is the tweet.
      This is the CNN article about the 2 Baseball players that died mentioning BLack sunday in the Tweet. Its at the end.

    2. The tweet time he posted 1:24pm. is the 804th minute of the day.

  6. zacc thinks takin pics wit some random asian lady makes it his gf too bad he prefers ladyboys gary married a model

  7. hoping this would get decoded, thanks!

  8. World star hip hop launched on august 9
    Lee q odenat=98
    He must be a sacrifice for "world star tv" the new world star hip hop show that MTV is launching on 2/3
    From his 43rd birthday 11/2 to the launch of the tv show by MTV is a span of 94 days
    World star hip hop=94
    From his deathday 1/23 to website launch date 8/9 is a span of 199 days the 46th prime
    World star tv=46
    From the launch of world star tv 2/3 to the date of the website launch 8/9 is 187 days
    187 the murder code.
    The launch of the show is 10 days after his death

    World star tv=55

    1. From the launch of world star hip hop 8/9 to his birthday 11/2 is 85 days
      World star hip hop=85

  9. If it's influential, it's relevant. Even you are relevant. You are actually quite similar to World Star Harry. So congrats on being relevant, and poisonous at the same time.


  10. Well I finally came to the conclusion that Zach is indeed a Zionist shill. This is coming from someone who’s gone back and forth with other youtubers that were against, me and RFG had a 2-3 day back and forth of me defending Zach. But that last MLK day video is what did for me.

    The video length happen to be 42:55

    NIGGER = 42
    FIVE = 42
    FIVE = 42

    42 and 59 the two numbers stamped all over Black America. Your video was 4 seconds from being 42:59 in length.

    FOUR = 24 (42)
    FOUR = 60
    NIGGER = 60

    Interesting about the :55
    TRAP = 55
    MIXED = 55 (Lies mixed in with some truth, just like you claim MLK and Malcolm X were doing)

    When I was at work contemplating on all this, I told myself, I wonder if he was wearing a blue shirt, Io and behold, everything was blue, your face, hat, shirt. Everyone can go check for themselves, that was the nail in the coffin
    BLUES = 59

    I was already feeling some type of way when you made sure the letter ‘G’ (33) was in your car crash video. That you would choose $33,000 as your donation mark instead of choosing another number to symbolize something positive, and you want to call Gary out about his 33 tat. I know there was a bunch of other stuff before that exposed you, but I usually brushed it off. But it seems like you yourself can’t get away from these same numbers you use to expose these Zionist.

    SIXTY-SIX = 149
    SHILL = 33

    Something else that’s interesting is how all of this happens to be coming to light at your age off 33

    I’ll continue to post this on all the blog posts you put up, and update it whenever it’s something everyone should know.


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