Thursday, January 26, 2017

57 131 216 | Matt Ryan and Luke Kuechly number retirements with Boston College, July 5, 2016 +Panthers and Falcons Super Bowl opponent history

Did you know that Matt Ryan's number was retired with Boston College in the offseason, just before his Super Bowl campaign?  The date was July 5, or 5/7.  '57' is "that number".  On this same day, the retired the number of the Carolina Panther who lost to the Broncos in Super Bowl 50.

*Notice the Panthers and Falcons both play in the AFC South, and have both been in two Super Bowls, facing the same opponents, the Patriots and Broncos each.  The Panthers are 0-2 against the Broncos and Patriots.  The Falcons are 0-1 against the Broncos, we'll see what happens against the Patriots February 5, 2017.

The 112th World Series just passed.  There's only two QBs that start in the NFL with name connections to 'Houston', the host of Super Bowl 51.

From July 5, 2016 to the Super Bowl, February 5, 2017, is a span of 216-days.  6x6x6 = 216

The Super Bowls were as follows:

Super Bowl 33 - Broncos (34) vs Falcons (19) .... sum of 53

Super Bowl 38 - Patriots (32) vs Panthers (29)

Super Bowl 50 - Broncos (24) vs Panthers (10)

Super Bowl 51...

Super Bowl, always at 3:30 PST.