Thursday, January 26, 2017

Every Donald Trump "The Wall" CNN headlines from January 26, 2017 +Mexico will pay? No you will pay!

From Mexico will pay, to the tax payers will pay, to maybe no wall for Jose.


  1. SCcarface, the rapper from Houston, has a song that came out in 94/95 called "The Wall" on the "Dear Diary" album.

    1. Thanks. I am reminded of what the previous celebrity president said...

      "Tear down this wall!" is a line from a speech made by US President Ronald Reagan in West Berlin on June 12, 1987, calling for the leader of the Soviet Union, Mikhail Gorbachev, to open up the barrier which had divided West and East Berlin since 1961.[1]

    2. Don't forget Pink Floyd's album the wall from 1979

    3. All these "WALL" references in: songs, movies, game show, a long-standing ongoing political issue.
      Makes me think of the biblical story of the "Wall Of Jericho" that the Tribe of Israel marched around in the Book Of Joshua. Then it collapsed on the 7th day when the priests sounded the "Trumpets" under the instruction of The Most High.
      "Jericho Wall" in English Sumerian equals 696(Or 666)
      "Border Wall" in the English Sumerian equals 660(Or 66)
      "TrumPence" in the English Sumerian equals 690(Or 66)
      "Mexico" in the English Ordinal system equals 69
      "Seventh Day" in the English Reduction system equals 42
      Divisors of "42" sum to "69"
      "Trumpets" in the English Reduction system equals 33
      "Mexico" in the English Reduction system equals 33

      "Wall Of Jericho"-English Gematria equals 812(Or 218,2/18)
      "Border Wall" in the English Gematria equals 812

      On 2/18/2016 Pope Francis calls for compassion for migrants at U.S.-Mexico border and questions Trump's Christianity
      for wanting to build a "Wall".

    4. Always makes me think of Chris Jerichio, the Lion Tamer, born 11/9, billed as 227 pounds.

    5. Ok but is the song you're talking about relevant to the wall that is being spoken about today? Obviously I haven't heard the song.Rap isn't my favorite. Does the song sound like it has to due with all the talk about the wall in the new now,etc.?

  2. Jusy curious, do you think they will ever even break ground on a Wall??

    1. Ronald Reagan:
      "Make america great again"
      "Tear down that wall!"

      "Make america great again"
      "Build that wall!"

      Maybe this "wall" is a wag the dog wall
      for someone to heroicly "tear down" and say:

      "There will be no wall, The wall has been torn down, cancelled. Rejoice in unity and prosperity my people"

    2. Reagan: "Tear down that wall!"
      Gorbatshov: "Njet"

      Trump: "Pay for that wall"
      Nieto: "Njet"

    3. Reagan: "Open this gate!"
      Trump: "Close this gate!"

    4. Another Reagan speech called "Morning in America"
      Trumps first speech called "Mourning in America".

      It is not just opposite or the same as before.
      Its wittier than that.

    5. For example,
      wasn't the rise of the Sun Belt before Reagan era,
      in the 70's not 80's ?

    6. We had reaganomics,
      what is the next grand term?

      WALL-e-nomics ?
      filling the WALLet baby!
      Get ready to wallpaper your house with cash.

      Inflation is now

      Build that wall out of worthless dollar (or Peso?) notes.

      Better start using those slave e wallets
      because WALL.E the robot
      is about to build
      the Great Trumpenian Wall
      out of cash waste bales.

    7. Ban the cash?
      Duh, so boring



    8. Mexico needs to PAY for the WALL.
      Just deposit the money to the wall :) :)

      Hahhaa, that would be so frigging hilarious!!

      So hilarious in fact, that I'm here laughing at my own comments.

    9. Cmon guys, flow with me.

      Wall of (c)ASH.


      Harry, Milord, Prune, others..
      Lets get WALLing !!

    10. Check this out:

      Headline is
      "Trump's wall is a huge waste of money"

      Take it literally.

    11. "Wall of money"
      is a Wall Street term meaning:

      a large amount of money ready to be invested in stock market.

  3. What do you call a Mexican who lost his car? ... Carlos!

    1. That made me laugh for some reason. Good stuff.

  4. Oh, I get it, Harry is a controlled op who comes on here to fuck up the comments section and disallow interaction. Very smart.


  5. A movie coming out called "The Great Wall" release date is February 17.

  6. We know how the bait and switch is used so much in this propaganda. Reverse psychology is very overused. I feel like all this talk of Mexico, a Wall and Canada in the news, is a reverse programming for the dollar crash and one future combined North and South American currency. Who better in the dumb public's eyes to introduce a new currency than the phony financial wizard business man Donald Trump?

  7. How many times are you repeating the same comment for God's sake. What shape do you think the earth is? Lastly, clean up that language champ.

  8. In every one of your comments you keep saying "chances are you like either the globe or the flat earth." WTF is,that supposed to mean? Aren't the choices limited to those two? Flat or round? What shape do you think the earth is you goof ball.


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