Monday, January 30, 2017

Super Bowl 51 research idea... +Donald Trump and the Raven

For the last week I've been meaning to get to this idea but haven't made the time.  I want to go back and look at World Series history with the team that has been the Boston/Milwaukee/Atlanta Braves as well as the Boston Red Sox and Chicago Cubs.  I want to see if we can find a clue in World Series history that points to Super Bowl 51.  Again, we know there is a riddle going on with this Super Bowl and the World Series.


Earlier this year I caught something with Donald Trump and the Raven.  Donald Trump and a bird... The Falcons, the Jesuit representing team with the owner with the Jesuit Order's birthday.  If you want to go back and visit that Raven research, plus take it further...

...I need to be finishing a book.

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