Sunday, January 29, 2017

46 47 50 67 74 229 322 | Quebec City mosque shooting of January 29, 2017 +NWO Propaganda by the numbers

Nice headline, '142' and '322'.

Terrorist = 142; Forty-Two = 142

Quebec is on the right coordinates for staged 'chaos'.

Next, notice how today's date connects with 'Quebec City'.

Today is January 29, 2017.

1/29/17 = 1+29+17 = 47

'47', that special number.

Also, today's date comes 229-days after Donald Trump's birthday, a number linking 'Donald', 'America' and 'Canada'.


I'm sure those 'two' people arrested were undercover cops, doing their job.

Don't forget, the police, worldwide, are controlled by Freemasonry.  33 and Freemasonry...

And as we know, the Freemasons love to pair '33' with '74', like Jesus on the Cross, at 33.

See how '74' factors into this event as well.

10:14?  114?  World War?

Notice how the news comes through Twitter.

Twitter, how Freemasons pass propaganda in the twenty-first-century.

Freemasons = 115; Donald Trump takes office with the '115th Congress'

Here is the update:

This incident comes 35-days after Trudeau's 45th birthday, or a span of 36-days.

Notice earlier today he said Canada would take the banned refugees.

Today's date also synchs with the word 'refugee', the focus of the hour.

1/29/2017 = 1+29+20+17 = 67

Also, one last note.  We documented the '322' at the top.  Recall, '223', its reflection, is the Masonic signature, connecting to both the names Justin Trudeau and Donald Trump, two of the three North American "leaders".

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