Friday, January 27, 2017

42 44 | Police break up planned school shooting in Wildwood, Florida, January 26, 2017, propaganda by the numbers

The name of the school is right for 'propaganda'.

Notice this story is from Thursday, January 26, 2017.

1/26/17 = 1+26+17 = 44

'44', our 'shooting' number that pairs nicely with 'teen'.

The city, 'Wildwood', is also right for Freemason sponsored 'gun' hoax.


  1. Off topic.. Was just thinking.. 51 is a number connected to "aliens" because of Area 51. The rap duo from Atlanta, Outkast's album ATLiens released 8/27/96. From that date to SB 51 is a span of 20 years 5 months 10 days. In that span I see a 25 like the date 2/5 the SB will be played on, and a 51.

    Apparently Outkast turned down the offer to perform at the 2004 Superbowl in Houston.


    1. I was looking at them today too.

    2. Zach would relate to the song Millennium off that album.

    3. Synthesizer is my jam. ATLiens and Aquemini are master pieces

    4. Agreed. Skew it on the Bar-b was mine. Raekwon was influential in my discovery of hip hop.

    5. ATLiens, one of my favorite albums growing up.

  2. 45 miles
    45 minutes
    450 address on sign


  3. if you want to fly down to cover this story googlemaps says it's 66.5 miles or 1h 7m from Orlando airport to school address:

    The Villages Charter Middle School
    450 Village Campus Circle
    Lady Lake, Florida 32162
    352-259-00 4...4

    village camp = 47

    32162 zip code...

    lady lake = 26
    campus circle = 123

  4. aka The Villages, Florida 32162

    village = 32
    villages = 33 and 42
    the village = 47
    the villages = 48

  5. Considered a conservative community, The Villages is a popular election stop and platform for political figures such as former Vice President Dick Cheney,[15] former presidential and vice presidential candidates Mitt Romney[16] and Paul Ryan,[17] former vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin,[18][19] former presidential candidate Mike Huckabee,[20] 2016 GOP presidential primary candidates Marco Rubio[21] and Ben Carson,[22][23] former presidential candidate Rick Santorum,[24] and talk show hosts/authors Glenn Beck[25] and Brian Kilmeade.[26] In the lead-up to the 2016 Presidential Election, GOP Vice Presidential Nominee Mike Pence visited to campaign for his running mate, Donald Trump.[27]
    As a gated community known for low crime rates, The Villages received publicity after a resident was killed in her home during a hold-up in July 2006. It was the first murder in the retirement community.[28]
    Residents of The Villages have a historically high 80% turnout rate in elections. Republicans outnumber Democrats two-to-one.[29] Some Democratic residents complain about the distinctly Republican coverage in local broadcasting and newspaper, an orientation attributed to The Villages' owner,[30] as well as voicing concerns about politically oriented vandalism.[31]

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  7. Florida, what's with that place?! It's like cia central!


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