Thursday, January 26, 2017

47 97 110 | 'Border wall, border war', January 26, 2017 headlines +President Nieto vs President Trump

The headline is not by accident.

Remember, this is the 97th season of the NFL.  The season ends in Texas, home of the Texans.  Yesterday CNN released the article about how the border wall i a challenge for 'Texans'.  It's all symbolic.

December 26, 2017?  That's almost a year from now!  That's the day after this coming Christmas.... Is it a typo, or a hint?

12/26/17 = 12+26+17 = 55 (December = 55) (Satan = 55) (Santa = 55)

President Pants on Fire.  The latest retard to represent the Republican Party.

Here comes a big bill for the U.S. to build a wall..., where Trump will lie and make excuses the whole time to make it seem like Mexico has a prayer of paying for the wall that is U.S. policy.  Notice the mindset of Trump, a man who has used the poor American working class to fund his shit business career, using the unjust laws of bankruptcy.  He likes to use others for his own expenses.

He wants torture.  He wants stop and frisk.  He wants federal police.  He wants more military.  He wants to go to war with the fictional boogieman ISIS.

While everyone focuses on the Second Amendment, the fact that the First Amendment hardly exists is constantly reminded.

And finally, one last tribute to '33.


  1. Zach, Off topic. Is there anything to look for at the Last Ringling Bros. Barnum & Bailey Circus? Around for 147 years. The circus is ending!!!

    1. Yes, I think we're the circus is the hint.

    2. The article says 146 years, that would be 1871 the year the US was made a corporation. Financial crisis=146

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  3. Zach have you looked at the potential SC nominees? Wondering what your thoughts are. George had a good post on his blog. This was the comment I posted there.
    I notice that Gorsuch went to a Jesuit prep school and graduated from Harvard. Neil 22 Neil Gorsuch 59. That date is 157 days and 22 weeks 3 days from his prior bday. Thomas Hardiman attended Notre Dame and Georgetown. Thomas 22 Hardiman 41. That date is 156 days and 22 weeks 2 days prior to his next birthday. Interesting how they have corresponding numbers! With the 222 the 156 and the 41 I'd lean Hardiman but the other guy has a better pedigree so who knows. I did not break down Pryor yet.

    1. Date reference is to his blog work on the 2/2/2017 date of Trump's announcement.

  4. The Influx of Controlled Opposition won't make the truth go away Zach-Key Boy. Gonna need a new game plan and you might want to run it by me first to see if it will work.

    Zachary Keefe Hubbard" in the English Reduction system equals 89

    Zachary Keefe Hubbard" in the English Ordinal system equals 170

    170-89= .. 81 ..

    David Key= .. 81 ..

    Conceal The Key of David" in the English Reduction system equals 89

    David Key to Geometry" in the English Reduction system equals 89

    89+81= .. 170 ..

    David Key Geometry" in the English Reduction system equals 81

    David Key Geometry" in the English Ordinal system equals 189

    Free To Find Truth" in the English Reduction system equals 81

    Free To Find Truth" in the English Ordinal system equals 189

    The Zionist Jews will never win because they'd watch the World burn before giving up their Wealth. Well that only works if wealth isn't Illusionary just like the Hell they have created.

  5. The CNN TITLE specifically says: DECEMBER 26, 2017.


    What do you think is up with THAT (supposed) "MISTAKE"???

    1. That's what I meant to comment on, too early in the morning! Thank you!

    2. Glad to help -- it made me do a Triple Take -- thought I was stuck in their FAUX "Mandela Effect" time loop! Lol

    3. ZACH -- when your reply first showed up ... THE ICON BESIDE YOUR POST WAS WRONG.

      When I sent my response it first said "This Site Cannot Be Reached" ...
      Then it "RESET" & showed my answer ...

      And now your icon is CORRECT.

      Just wanted you to know because that's never happened before.

      My gut said to zoom in on the "NEW" one -- but I didn't.

      Don't know if this "glitch" means your site is being "mirrored" ... but keep it in mind.

      And if it suddenly looks like I'VE gone off the chain & started spewing nonsense --

      Rest assured that it's NOT REALLY "ME"!!! ;D :D

  6. The people of Mexico never wanted this president "NIETO" --

    They immediately "dubbed" him a "puppet dumber than Bush Jr".

    "NIETO" sounds just like "NYET" -- the Russian word for "NO"

    With the stereotypical "O" added to the end to make it "Hispanic".

    Just like in the movie "SPANGLISH" -- where Tea Leonie thinks adding "O" to the end of every English word will transform it into Spanish.

    Now it's becoming more clear WHY this person -- & this name -- were "chosen" for this role.

  7. Replies
    1. Good point.
      Unfortunately though, most Americans will be ignorant about that fact ... & given the budding acrimony between the U.S. & all things "Russian" & "Mexican" -- I found it interesting.

      Just like in Spanish, "TONTO" means "Dumb/Stupid" --

      And most Americans don't realize what a Racist Jab it was by making THAT the name of The Lone Ranger's "Indian sidekick"! ;D

  8. "AND FINALLY" ... about the Swedish Blues Singer/Time/Water ...

    Made me think about the "Old Blues Singer" in "WAG THE DOG".

    He wrote the song, "GOOD OL' SHOE" -- to bolster support for a FAKE WAR "Hostage" Scenario.

    I still think the dialogue about "TPP" may be an Upside Down -- ie. "Alternative Fact" reference to SUPPORT for the:


    Which will soon run UNDERNEATH the RIO GRANDE RIVER ...
    delivering massive quantities of Fracking-Derived Natural Gas to Mexico.

    Should it "rupture" ... Over "TIME" ... ALL of the Southward Bound Water (which Northern Mexico depends on) --

    Could be irreparably polluted.

    BUT ... as I stated before -- this is a topic that neither Trump nor the Mainstream Media are mentioning -- AT ALL. ;D

  9. Call Trump whatever you may, but he's far from retarded. You're above the partisan politics. They're all incredibly smart, even if they are filth.


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