Friday, January 27, 2017

1985 by Anthony Burgess, a tribute to George Orwell's 1984

On Wednesday a caller phoned in and said Orwell had a sequel to 1984.  Well, it wasn't Orwell who wrote it, but it is supposed to be just as good.  Honestly, I'd never heard of this book until the other night, but now I'm wondering who has read it?


  1. Love the Jesuit colors and the fist. Very apropos.

  2. This is the guy that wrote 'A Clockwork Orange'

  3. I think twice ...

    Maybe you are right with wining Patriots but can you make a vídeo of Falcons.
    I am sure you being honesto with Patrots.
    But i have a doubt about falcons..
    Patriots maybe win this superbowl.
    i will bet for Patriots but you can make a new video.
    it will be nice.

    Thank you Zachary.

    1. I am sure that you are being honest with Patriots.

    2. Really looks to go either way.

  4. 42 days before the super bowl. Christmas day. Reporting about the QUEEN. missing Christmas service with a "heavy cold" . heavy cold= 59. Over under is 59 🤔

  5. You should check out the movie "criminal ". Ryan Reynold in it. The book was mentioned in it

  6. Week after week, that guy is a great caller. I wish you could give him more time.
    He drops a ton of knowledge in just two minutes or less

    1. I give him all the time he needs. I always let him finish. I wish he would go on more!

  7. The Wall is "the theme" of this farce, methinks.

    The Wall of Sound coming from the Media 24/7 filling your head with lies, flooding your senses, pressing all your buttons to convince you that what u see on the screen is a true reflection of reality when it's a distortion.

    A whale of a lie, so big you can't see it because it surrounds you. You r soaking in it.

    Pink Floyd, Just another brick in the wall, cog in the system, u the unimportant peon
    "For me to pee on."

    Wallow/Willow/Will Owe/Will Obey/Wool pulled over your eyes

    sWALLow/sow WALL
    The snake swallowing it's own tale (story)
    Jonah swallowed by a whale
    In the belly of the beast
    In the vehicle getting taken for a ride.
    A Car without breaks, crashing into/through a Wall

    Break on thru to the other side.

    Wailing Wall
    Prince of Wales
    David is the patron saint of Wales
    Day Vid eo

    King Edward VIII abdicated his throne to marry a commoner, WALLis Simpson.

    Simpson, now there's a loaded name.
    Homer J Simpson
    OJ Simpson
    Sim u Latin
    Sim ulacra

    The symbolism is slapping us across the face. Wake up, detach from your fears and really take a good look around you.

    1. Great post! "WALL" really HAS been with us for a LONG time --

      WALLace ... the Scotch rebel leader

      WALL-E ... the robot "Left Behind" to clean up earth

      WAL-ter Scott ... the "sacrificial image"

      ** SIR WAL-TER SCOTT ** ... the SCOT whose written works are obiquely "referenced" in our "current events"

      Good work finding those connections ...

      WALL - IS - SIMPSON ... that's awesome.

      That "scandal" was extremely relevant to the script leading towards WW2.

      And the Paris Home of WALL-IS & Edward was where PRINCESS DIANA & DODI FAYED spent the afternoon before their crash later that night! ;D

    2. Walls,
      and Gates too.

      Reagan's "Tear down this wall" speech
      in front of Brandenburg Gate.

      "Open this gate Mr. Gorbatshov".

      Now Gorba is back in the news too.

    3. I this Trump's wall saga will be soon called

      I am going to laugh at my own comments again.

  8. nineteen hundred and eighty five = 151 r
    three six - 45 r
    n.e. - 45 r

  9. 1985

    Wasn't the world supposed to have ended on 12.21.2012?
    Then 2013 would be Year 1

    2013-1985= 28 years

    "The match of days and dates in the GregorIan calendar usually repeats in 28 year cycles since there are seven days a week, and a leap year every four years."
    Half of 28 is 14, two weeks, a fortnight.

    A quarter of 28 is 7. One fourth.

    28 relates to the moon, female menstrual cycle, and February

    There are 28 letters in the Arabic alphabet.

    28 dominoes in a standard "double six" set.

    The Roman numeral 9 is encoded in the word six.
    So 6 is 9

    Everything is coded/coated/disguised

    1. That's right...
      Even the date that the world was supposed to end was a coded hoax lol.

  10. What you get when you make a wall out of money?
    Wall street.

    "Trump's wall is a huge waste of money".
    Take it literally.

    Put money in the WALLet.
    Put/take money of the WALL.

  11. Wall-Mart
    Wall-ter White

    Zack when is the Cr(Book) coming out ?


    33 52 58 113 119 126>(Death date)

    Hey Zach, it's been a while since I've posted you something, but Australia in the state of WA (Western Australia) where i live there was a plane crash that happened in our Swan River in Perth on Australia Day which we always celebrate on the 26th of January.. 2 people died in the crash and it was the first time the event was cancelled in 33 years and the news readers and reports said it themselves. the key points are the pilots name and his girlfriends name which was 119 in the reduction method. It happened at Skyworks which = 33. Was also 33 years since the event was cancelled in respect of the death's that may have occured on the 26th of January. Can you please put your expert touch on this story please Zach. Ive hopefully put the link at the top....

  13. Sorry guys the link doesn't work, but the News story is easy to look up...


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