Thursday, January 26, 2017

26 33 47 57 131 | #33, Dion Lewis of the Patriots, who turned 26 131-days before the Super Bowl

This is the Patriots 57th season, and the Super Bowl is 131-days from #33's birthday, Dion Lewis, the RB for the team from New England.  Notice Dion is the 'magic' age of '26'.

The Patriots began their season on the 33rd parallel in Phoenix, they're ending it against the only other team from the 33rd parallel, the Atlanta Falcons.  Atlantis.  Phoenicia.

ATL = 1+20+12 = 33
Brady has played 33 career playoff games...

57th season...

This will be the 47th Super Bowl of the modern era, Super Bowl 51.  This will be the Patriots 51st playoff game all-time, against the Atlanta Falcons who are in their 51st season.

Falcon = 6+1+12+3+15+14 = 51



    1. You mean steelers.. oh wait. They LOST last weekend. Give it up douchebag!!

  2. What's up Gary my man!? You made me realize the Patriots were going to win three months ago. Brady=Trump. Your boy trump.

    Brady is a snake and the rooster year starts in two days. Snakes, roosters and oxen are ally signs. Brady is an 8 life path. SB date is an 8. 8 is a very strong Karma number. Brady suspended this season means he will win SB as payment for suspension. Goodell will have to hand him the trophy as part of the karma of suspending him.

    Falcon= black bird. Just like black panther lost last year to the "sheriff" on the white Bronco. And if Atlanta happens to win the real Gary will have been almost as bad as Zach was at predicting the SB.

    1. If Atlanta happens to win, it will also mean Trump, your boy, is going to suffer a loss in the future. Either that or US as a country will suffer a big loss because Trump now represents the US.

    2. Well Matt Ryan is an Ox so it could happen. Its an Ox against a Snake, but Brady most likely will get the 5th ring.

  3. tom brady super bowl li loser =112

  4. What's up with the doomsday clock news today? Lol.

  5. Lewis made his season debut Week 11 against the 49ers, and entering Saturday, he had played only 163 offensive snaps.

    Week Eleven = 44
    163 snaps - With Pats loss in SB, their season record would end at 16-3

    1. From Week 11, 11/20/16 to 2/5/17 SB - 77 Days, 2 Months 16 Days (6x6x6=216) and "11" Weeks.

  6. Ok, facts, are facts people.

    Fact #1, I have not been able to have a post stay up since my GB vs. NE super bowl split, 1 bad loss, 1 good win call from the start.

    Fact #2, I knew the Packers were losing because Jordy Nelson was playing, not waiting to rest for 51. I couldn't change after 200 days with my solid pick. That's where everyone else has it easier, waiting until the coin toss.

    Fact #3 My computer and tablet flicker when I'm on here. That means something, what? I won't say.

    Fact #4 Zach can be nauseating, going from Colts, to now he's on the Patriots, but Harry, when the Falcons rise up and turn Brady's eye black into running mascara, Zach will say, 'what, everything I have said has been documented for the patriots. Soo well documented that most entries have 1 to 3 references. Should be easy to find it all out then. 'Me too' is what I will now reference our personal psyop as.

    Fact #5 A truther got onto a prominent conservative radio show today and sounded off on about 12 false flag events, it was maybe someone on here, cool if it was.

    Fact #6 Someone once said to me, "the earth IS flat, until you leave Illinois!"

  7. Super Bowl MVP?
    Can Aaron Rodgers get votes, based on his effect?

    I can't possibly go for Atlanta. I proved you can make Gematria say anything by going with GB and NE. Also that the more people you have working on the sad games? Shit we could rewrite the bible code.

    Originally I did set out to show you can do it, and of course my two teams ended up on TV on championship sunday. I was looking into go fuck your for a website, because then I would have been quite legit.

    Calling Trump, then the superbowl.

    I also have documented in here that Romo should be heading to Houston for the SB 52 ride, before any of those mid week stories broke.

    55 is, has, and will be huge this post season.

    Will they (NFL) keep it close? They can't have 14 point leads, for viewership. Who's in the Gatorade commercial?

    Cosby was right about one thing NFC championship wise, the game would need to be a blowout against Green Bay for people to watch.

    Cut-off sleeve hoodies!

    If you ain't cheatin' you ain't trying to win - John Madden (loosely quoted, heard him say it)

    1. Atlanta 47
      New England 41

      Or Atlanta simply crushes them. But I think they will play like that Google Doodle, take a tie into halftime, lead thru the third, Pats tie for overtime, Falcons win in OT.

      Just DREAMing.

    2. 6 TD'S each? Who is the MVP in your wet dream. Mine is Bellichik. He's like the Hades of the NFL. Goodell, Good or God? Yes very lame.

      And stupid, Me Too.

  8. Insane smoke a Joint and NEvER forget Aaron Rodgers will not surpass FAVRE !
    NFL rule 101

    Hating and dreaming with the Patriots in mind is the Psyop!
    They got you!

    1. Well, it was pretty funny seeing everyone biting on my fishing line...

    2. You forgot that 44 meant Death and I told you that AArons black truck on fire was the same set up they gave Cam's black truck.
      You became emotional and forgot the voice of reason.
      Go Fish 🙈

      Fucking with you!! Dude sports are rigged why do you give a fuck if you're right or wrong???

      Everyone's guessing including Shill Zackery fraud Hubbard

    3. Like I said, I picked the two to prove gematria could make any two teams look like they were super bowl picked. Found a lot on the way.

      Emotional?! Lol. The alter ego? Green Bay stayed viable for too long. There were soo many more stories I didn't post about atlanta, for obvious reasons and some I did.

      I know how you tickle my balls harry, all 106 grams of them. And math majors, that's light, so I beat you to the punchline.

      Guessing you are guessing I am guessing that guess is a fucked up word, full of truth, deep like... fill in the blank.

  9. The Hate for Brady is strong and Alive and the minions fail to realize they like it that way! Trump gets everyone's BP up!

    Tom Brady is not losing to fucking Matt Ryan and you know it.

    Like in the first 3 championships the Defense #1 in scoring is getting the job done.
    Why Houston. 3 ring was attained in Houston and the 5th and final ring.
    Brady will go to a record 8th SB next year with GRONK back vs Carolina!

    He's losing that one. 2/5 SB 52 manning lost to Wilson and Brady to cam

    5-3 in Superbowls.

    Now that's the TRUTH !

    Romo is going to Denver but losing to Brady staunch connection

    Giants or Seahawks will lose to Carolina

    Carolina will do the same script as the Giants. #1 defense and Cam will have a solid but quiet season

    Patriots will be gunning for undefeated season !

    It's going to be awesome!!!

    Zack catch up I have SB 53 too!

    You're late faggot!!! Jewmatria is done!

  10. I guess their gonna keep brady around till he's 80 lmao.

  11. @brandon 40!

    1 more year. Then he retires after crushing loss or gets traded to the 49ers or Rams!

  12. Fact is, Romo gets into next year's bowl. I say Houston vs. Dallas, the rodeo bowl, that beople are laughing at, so definitely no one wants to touch it.
    You got denver. I like it.

    So... what about jj watts year off? Is that just to get to afc championship against big 40?

    I also have Oakland A's vs. Pittsburgh Pirates in this WS. Not a sole has commented on the stupidity of that, YET. Me too, is waiting for my posted replies.


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