Wednesday, January 25, 2017

33 43 47 68 84 | 1984 is the best selling book on, January 25, 2017 reporting +68-year anniversary and Trump

1984 to 2017 is 33-years.  It's something I have been talking about since 2013.

Think about the recent reporting that the leader of North Korea, Kim, is '33' again, for a second year in a row.  He is now born in '1984' (last year it was '83... down the memory hole).  The Korean War began on George Orwell's birthday, June 25, 1950.

Notice the post time of 1:25, something like '125', for North Korea.

Remember, Donald the Jesuit Trump just became President.  It was 1984 that Trump became a TV celebrity, also 33-years ago.  Did you know the main character in 1984 is 'Winston'?

Notice the book is 68-years-old at the time of these record sales.  That also connects to Trump and more.  Let us never forget 1968.

47,000 copies since the election of Trump?

The part about 75,000 books also pops out.

As for why this reporting is coming today, I have a thought.

1/25/17 = 1+25+17 = 43


  1. I should start reading books and stop wasting time with people

    1. That's what I did... that's what I still do.

    2. If you haven't read this, you must. And Animal Farm, for that matter.

    3. I'll have to order it off eBay so it's home when I get back. iBook it's at $9, same as an actual book. I'll take a real book.

  2. Alot of people forget his real name is Eric Author Blair


    1. He also died 227 days after 1984 was published.

    2. EAB also equals 86 in Bacon, 68 year old novel? I am finding that Bacon seems to be their favorite.

    3. And of course

      Nineteen Eighty Four=227

    4. And it was publisjed on 6/8 68 years ago. ;)

      I like this one.

    5. I need to do more studying it seems

    6. Just being quiet and really observing the ordinary stuff going on all around you, train yourself to NOTICE things. Observe how often differwnt colors and numbers and shapes appear in what combinations and how they fit in with other patterns youve noticed etc...That's all u really need to do IMO, but reading books and thinking about them and discussing them with others is fun so do that too!

    7. I've always been very observant, usually over observant. Wife hates driving with me because I'm always looking around, watching what's going on in all directions. Almost paranoid status haha. Since finding Zach's work I've started looking at stuff a lot differently and noticing more.

    8. This comment has been removed by the author.

    9. I honestly can't take your comments seriously man.

    10. You just come here and talk shit about zack. What are you warning me about? What's the truth, other then "zach being whatever"?

    11. Germatria is a circle jerk of fraudulent numerology.

      You're a smart lad , you will figure it 😂

    12. Harry..Please get a life. My bad.. Zach's blog is your life.

  3. one nine eight four = 185 (Ordinal)
    donald john trump = 185 (Ordinal)
    book of revelation = 185 (Ordinal)
    world trade center = 185 (Ordinal)

    executive order = 75 (Reduced)

  4. The crazy thing is that today I had a conversation with a friend recommending that she read or re-read this book. Then while defending free thought with my sister in a message I suggested she revisit this book and Brave New World, the books they have used in our school curriculum for years. Funny timing.


  5. Well I finally came to the conclusion that Zach is indeed a Zionist shill. This is coming from someone who’s gone back and forth with other youtubers that were against, me and RFG had a 2-3 day back and forth of me defending Zach. But that last MLK day video is what did for me.

    The video length happen to be 42:55

    NIGGER = 42
    FIVE = 42
    FIVE = 42

    42 and 59 the two numbers stamped all over Black America. Your video was 4 seconds from being 42:59 in length.

    FOUR = 24 (42)
    FOUR = 60
    NIGGER = 60

    Interesting about the :55
    TRAP = 55
    MIXED = 55 (Lies mixed in with some truth, just like you claim MLK and Malcolm X were doing)

    When I was at work contemplating on all this, I told myself, I wonder if he was wearing a blue shirt, Io and behold, everything was blue, your face, hat, shirt. Everyone can go check for themselves, that was the nail in the coffin
    BLUES = 59

    I was already feeling some type of way when you made sure the letter ‘G’ (33) was in your car crash video. That you would choose $33,000 as your donation mark instead of choosing another number to symbolize something positive, and you want to call Gary out about his 33 tat. I know there was a bunch of other stuff before that exposed you, but I usually brushed it off. But it seems like you yourself can’t get away from these same numbers you use to expose these Zionist.

    SIXTY-SIX = 149
    SHILL = 33

    Something else that’s interesting is how all of this happens to be coming to light at your age off 33

    I’ll continue to post this on all the blog posts you put up, and update it whenever it’s something everyone should know.

  6. Zach, just a thought but do you think Donald Trump putting a bust of Winston (Churchill) back in the White House is relevant? Winston being the main character in 1984.

    1. Winston is there because America is new england.
      And because Winston is short for washington

      ---> washington church/capitol Hill

      Just funny little mockery.

  7. Everything you need to know about social engineering is in this book.

    The good parts are not written by that reporter Blair.

  8. It also lays the groundwork for the masses to be okay with it. So it is written, so it shall be.

  9. Exactly. Conditioning.

    It told people what was going to happen, and left the ball to them.

    "What you gonna do bout it"..

  10. Still, to this day, it is daring all of us.

  11. The lesson is simple. YOU could stop this, but you are complacent. Knowing that something is criminal and doing nothing to stop it makes you a conspirator. And that's not a theory.

    That is why it is so hard to wake people up, nobody wants that they are guilty too.

  12. George orwell=142
    English language=142
    Miami dolphins=142
    Tampa bay rays=142
    Forty two=142
    Thirty nine=142
    Donald ne drumpf=142

    Rudolf steiner said 1984 would be a difficult year. He said that before 1925.


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