Thursday, January 26, 2017

It's just one of those days....

Bring back the 90s!  Even the songs for the ladies were better than any of the shit on the radio now.


  1. The A is already partying like its 1999.


    1. Lol like when John Elway ran us over like a semi?

  2. Zach, just dropped a heap of knowledge on your YouTube channel. Check your spam I'm sure it's been buried. Stephen, you'll appreciate this :)

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  4. 2 Thessalonians 3:3 is trending on twitter right now for no apparent reason...
    This is a very unusual thing to be trending.
    Thessalonians =156/48>3

    So something like 2 3:3
    or 2 3 3:3
    Not sure what the message in the numbers is, but the actual content of the verse is what makes me think it might have to do with a date.
    March 23rd?
    Or March 5th?
    Not sure.

    1. It's a maintaining faith in the Lord excerpt. The verse is Useless and ambiguous by itself. That evil will have its due resolve.

      Reading that, many will think trump. However half of the world wants to deliver trump, the other half wants to receive trump, still ambiguous, however that is also how the anti Christ is described in revelation. Appealing to many, appalling to others.

      As, Me too (Zach), and I were talking last night, we agreed that the date things come forth is important. So find today's indicating numbers, like so. Why so many different numbers? We are not certain of which breakdowns are most important.

      1-27-2017, kind of see the same number in there twice..
      (1+27+20+17 = 65)
      (1+27+17 = 45)
      (1+27+2+0+1+7 = 38)
      (1+2+7+2+0+1+7 = 20)
      (1+27 = 28)
      And date written as both 127 (31st prime or 271 the 58th prime.
      27th day of the year. I'm sure there is more.

      233 is the 13th fibonacci number.
      233 is the 51st prime. Hence why some like me may try to use the number during the super bowl 51 season.

      So look for the following, because odds are, Me Too, won't respond until a feather in the nest is ruffled.

      20, 28, 38, 25, 65, 127, 271, 31, 58, 51, 13, and 233. Right off the bat, 33's and 13's and 31's are important.

      Look at the time of the first post.
      Decode 'twitter'

    2. 2 33's over the top of eachother, with one rotated 180 degrees makes an 88, or infinity symbols. That's been talked about before.

    3. The man of perdition is written of in 2 Thessalonians.

      These twitter threads elaborate on possibilities

    4. It is also Holocaust Remembrance Day

  5. 90s made you feel something deeper, meaningful, heartfelt, liberating, connected and it allowed your most private thoughts to be set free.

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  7. Shitty post, do better next time

  8. Speaking to strangers online is normal society?

    Ramones are Zionist garbage!
    The best music is what ever is instrumental.
    Inhale the good shit
    Exhale Zack and the frauds on this site!

    Go COLTS!!!!


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