Wednesday, January 15, 2020

17 38 43 44 59 66 67 74 115 193 | Tony Todt kills wife, three children and dog, in Celebration, Florida, January 15, 2020 news

The name Anthony 'Rony' Todt sums to 67.

This happened in 'Celebration', Florida.

Remember Chris Watts?

How about Michael Myers?

We'll cover the numbers 59, 67 and 193 in this story.

And that emphasis on Tony is no accident.

And once again, they bring the 74 and 33 together, because he and his wife owned a well known physical therapy clinic in Colchester, Connecticut, or C.C., or 3.3.

Also, you'll notice below that Tony is 44-years-old, go figure.

The name Todt fits in as well.

The first suspicion of foul play was December 29, 17-days prior to today.

The announcement of the murders was made today, January 15, or 1/15.

And don't forget 'Florida' has the killing connection as well.

This happened in Osceola County.

Osceola = 119; All Seeing Eye = 119

Celebration, Florida is also a fitting location about a 'family' murder, or 'homicide'.

This happened in Osceola County.

There's a 113 note in this story as well:

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