Sunday, January 12, 2020

35 55 57 118 187 | Death of John Entwistle, bassist for The Who, 118-days after Roger Daltrey's birthday, June 27, 2002

John Entwistle of The Who died at age 57, in Paradise, Nevada, just before the opening night of the band's 2002 tour.

Consider Keith Moon died in '78, on a 113 date, and the Scottish Rite controls the world of entertainment.

Read about the death of Keith Moon:

Keep in mind June 27 leaves 187-days left in the year, the homicide code.

The death came 118-days after Roger Daltrey's birthday, on a date with 55 numerology.

6/27/2002 = 6+27+20+02 = 55
6/27/02 = 6+27+02 = 35

It was a date with 35 numerology as well.

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