Saturday, January 11, 2020

47 51 62 83 95 111 154 211 | The disappearance of Jimmy Hoffa, July 30, 1975 +The film The Irishman

Jimmy Hoffa (47), disappeared on the 211th day of the year.

211, 47th prime; Mafia = 47 

He vanished 166-days after his birthday.  Secret Society = 166; Mason = 62 / 211 

Notice he was 62, and July 30 leaves 154-days left in the year.

Union = 62; Sacrifice = 62; Ritual Sacrifice = 154

Keep in mind he was a union leader.

The new film about his disappearance and death is called The Irishman.

From the anniversary of his disapearance to the release on Netflix, November 27, was 120-days.

*Illuminati = 120

Frank Sheeran is the main character.

The film is about murder, and November 27 was a fitting date for Netflix.

As for the November 1 release, that was a span of 95-days from Hoffa's dissapearance anniversary.

And November 1 connects to The Irishman's full name.

As for the debut date, September 27, that day leaves 95-days left in the year and is the Jesuit Order's birthday.

They waited until July 30, 7-years later, to declare him dead.

And for one last point, Sheeran kills Hoffa in The Irishman in a house with the number 83.

Read about 83 and Murder by Numbers:

Notice Sheeran would die at age 83.

Sheeran died on his 51st day of his age, or 1-month and 20-days into it (120).

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