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38 44 46 62 73 163 377 | John Rutsey (Rush's first drummer) and his May 11, 2008 passing +Neil Peart parallels

John Rutsey, like Bob Marley and others, died on May 11, the date that can be written 5/11, or 11/5.

511 connects to Saturn, which represents death and judgement, as well as Satan.

Rutsey was 55-years-old at the time of his death.

As for the date being written 11/5, like 115...

Keep in mind Peart just died on January 7, or 1/7, and a common name for Saturn is El.

And keep in mind Rush released this album, September 29, 1979.

The Pentagram is associated with Sirius, which is also associated with Saturn.

The Pentagram, an important shape in sacred geometry, and to the Masons, is also associated with Satan.  Keep in mind the Pentagram has 5 points, Satan has 5 letters, and May is the 5th month.

This man died at age 55, 73-days before his birthday, and 293-days after his last.

62 and 73 also connect to 'Mason'.

Neil Peart just died on January 7, 2020.

1/7 (17)
1/7/20 = 1+7+20 = 28

ALSO, he died on a date with 44 numerology.

5/11/2008 = 5+11+20+08 = 44

It was a date with 24 numerology as well.

5/11/08 = 5+11+08 = 24

Read about Neil Peart's daughter dying on a 44 date, while Peart was 44-years-old:

The two members of Rush to die so far have been the drummers...

It is often the drummers who die first in bands.

Read more about 38 and death here:

His death came a span of 377-days from the release of Rush's album Snakes & Arrows.

377, 14th Fibonacci Number; Dead = 14

Remember, he died at age 55.

The name of the album Snakes & Arrows has connections to death and sacrifice, as well as drummer.

And for one last point, the death came 79-days before Geddy Lee's birthday.

Rutsey also died 34-years after the debut album in '74.

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