Sunday, January 12, 2020

59 83 84 277 | "Negroes" Russell Wilson and Lamar Jackson go out in the Divisional Round, 2020 NFL Playoffs

Notice Russell Wilson had 277 passing yards.

And notice Lamar Jackson had 59 passing attempts.

Remember when Ravens scored 59 in Miami to start this year?

...Miami is hosting the Super Bowl, in the year of the black QB.

ESPN called this the year of the black QB.

In the Wild Card round, black QBs were 2-0 vs White QBs.

Watson beat Allen
Wilson beat Wentz

In the Divisional round, black QBs were 0-2 vs White QBs.

Tannehill over Jackson
Rodgers over Wilson

Keep in mind, in 1946, there was a Miami Seahawks, who folded, and became the Baltimore Colts.  Interesting in that regard, the Seahawks and Baltimore go out in similar ridldes in the same weekend.

Recall the Seahawks vs Ravens game this past season, which happened the same day the 43rd Mayor of Baltimore died (Nancy Pelosi's brother).

That was October 20, 2019.

The Ravens would be eliminated by the Titans 83-days later.

And the Seahawks would be eliminated 84-days after the game,  by the Green Bay Packers.

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