Thursday, December 31, 2015

83 322 | The Reason Manning Was Benched In Week 10, With 322 Passes On the Season

Notice the way Manning's season went.  In Week 8, he tied Brett Favre's landmark of 186 wins as a QB, while playing the Packers, the team Favre is best remembered with.

Then the following week, he loses in Indianapolis, against the Colts, the team Peyton Manning played the majority of his career with, 13-seasons.  In light of 13, it is no coincidence he was replaced by "Luck".  Recall how Luck missed his first game as a pro on the date with '13' numerology, where the game went to OT 13-13...

After losing to the Colts, he was replaced by Osweiller in the following week, after throwing his 322nd pass.  What do we know about the number 322?

The Broncos-Chiefs games were spaced out by 8-weeks and 3-days this season

Recall, Peyton Manning is born on the 83rd day of the year and is playing in Denver, where John Elway, former QB of the Broncos, is executive, and was drafted in the class of '83.


  1. Hey Zach what do you think about the hotel catching fire in Dubai?

    1. I am at the mall with my girlfriend and have not decided the story yet. My girlfriend loves the mall...

  2. Zach, do you still actively watch a lot of pro sports, or do you simply read about it for reserach now? I can't tell, but I wonder if you still like .. well yknow.. like have maybe a nostalgic respect for it all?

    In my own life, I used to be very in to video games and I've taken huge step back from that in recent years, due mostly to finding out about how fucked up society really was and how instrumental video games (aside from the usual media trash) have been in fucking up our generation.

    Sorry this question got sloppy. lol

    1. That's a great question David.

      I can't speak for Zach, but for me personally, I don't watch sports or entertainment at all; I view it as consenting and supporting a corrupt system.

      I do however, still actively participate in several recreational leagues; Basketball, Baseball and Soccer specifically. My love for actively participating in sports will never leave my heart.

      It's a good cardiovascular health practice to stay active. There's also beneficial social and psychological health aspects to team sports. Besides, you might as well have fun, if you are going to engage in exercise.

      If you're not into playing sports, just get out and immerse yourself into nature, as much as you possibly can.

      If you want to exercise or stimulate your brain, reading and meditation is paramount.

    2. Video games are a fraud.Also why are you responding? He's asking Zach don't you read? Oh wait you're contradicting what you said in your last sentence you fool.

      Anyways the only quality game that isn't a fraud is Fallout 4 it's high quality. Not Cod and all that other Bs. Sadly no PS4 so i don't play Video games.

    3. "I can't speak for Zach, but for me personally"

      You can't read the first sentence, huh Fiasco?

      It's called providing beneficial health information; Physically, Mentally and Spiritually.

      Fiasco, you're acting like a petulant child, that won't stop throwing a temper tantrum and stomping their feet around, if they can't have things their way.

      Now stop stalking my comments, I don't wish to engage you any further.

    4. Yes, his posts and arguments are always childish, and I suspect he is a teenager. What I find amazing is how much time he spends on my blog.

    5. You can tell he's a troll because he thinks Fallout 4 is a good game, when it's clearly the worst game in the series. ;)

      Fallout 1 is really the only decent game in the bunch despite the fact that it is just a laden with hardcore propaganda as everything else.

      Wasteland takes place in 2087

      Fallout = 87
      Shelter = 87
      Russia = 87
      Victor = 87
      Truth = 87
      Scapegoat = 87
      Punish = 87
      Democracy = 87
      Frighten = 87
      Inside Job = 87
      Oh My God = 87

      Fallout also sums to 397 in jewish gematria.
      Freemasons = 397
      Death to America = 397
      The Desert = 397

      Vault 13 was definitely an occult choice, in the first game. The whole setting seems allegorical for present day.

      Doc Morbid will patch you up for money, but he'll also sell your body parts. This is an open secret of the medical industry. (the flesh trade) ..

      The Brotherhood of Steel is definitely a nod to freemasonry.

      You know how Fallout uses the SPECIAL attribute score system?

      SPECIAL has SEVEN letters.
      SPECIAL = 65
      SEVEN = 65

      Remember that a VAULT is normally inhabited by HUMANS, but one of them is home to the MASTER.

      The MASTER wants to alter HUMAN DNA.
      VAULT = 76
      HUMANS = 76
      HUMAN DNA = 76
      MASTER = 76

      So please don't get me started on Fallout again. lol

    6. Amazing that I didn't even mention how Fallout 4 portrays Vault 111.

    7. Can you please talk about Fallout 4 Vault 111 is that a message for the collapse?

  3. Christmas 12/25/15 + 322 days = Veterans Day 11/11/16.

    1. That is interesting spacing, Veterans Day would be a ripe one to make many angry.

    2. Columbus Day 10/12 + 74 days = Christmas.
      Halloween 10/31 + 55 days = Christmas.
      Lincoln, FDR #32, Kennedy elected 11/8 + 47 days = Christmas.

  4. David, I stopped participating and supporting all things mainstream, from sports, to movies, to music, to stores and more after 9/11. The Pink Floyd song welcome to the machine was very well understood that day and I didn't want to be a part of the machine. That said, the people I know are not like me, so I have still been around these things and bared witness to them. Also, in the time I have been doing this research, I have found a reason to watch some sports games for the sake of documenting and decoding, but I wouldn't describe it as a nostalgic respect. I've spent the last fifteen years reading, researching and serving youth... Plus what I now do with this blog and YouTube channel that I intend to take to a much higher level.

  5. Often times the blog posts I make about sports and the videos I make, I make them without having seen any of the game. Usually when I do watch the games, or part of them, I am able to make better finds because of the extra documentation.

  6. Man i wonder what they're going to pull of in 2016, in the meanwhile im going to be in tune with my higher self and try to avoid meat.

  7. Try to cut down on that too lol

  8. Found some more connections for the Denver Superbowl.
    On NFL there is an article saying this could be Peyton Manning's "Last Rodeo"...

    Last Rodeo = 550, 109, 654, 37
    (English Gematria, Ordinal, Sumerian, Reduction)
    (I used the riding the beast website for the calculation)

    Looks like you have the 55 which we've been seeing for 55 years of the team; Elways age.
    37 connects to the 37 yard field goal when they beat the Bengals in OT when the score was 20-17 for 37.

    Anybody see other connections to these numbers?

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