Sunday, December 27, 2015

33 47 | Rams Defeat Seahawks in Seattle for First Time Since January 8, 2005

The last time the Rams won in Seattle was on January 8, 2005, more than 10 years ago.  Notice the sum of the score was totaling 47 points that day, 27-20.  Today's game, December 27, 2015, comes on a date with '47' numerology.  Of course, Seattle is on the 47th Parallel and 47 is an important number to the NFL, which had the first Super Bowl in the 47th season of the league.

12/27/2015 = 12+27+(2+0+1+5) = 47

If the score stands, the game will finish 23-10 today, for a sum of 33 points, another number relevant to the NFL and Seattle.  The Seahawks are one of three teams with a '33' name.

Seahawks = 1+5+1+8+1+5+2+1 = 24/33/42

With regards to 42, gematria relevant to the Seahawks, todays' game comes 42-days before Super Bowl 50.  The St. Louis Rams hail from Missouri, one of few states with a gematria of '42'.

Missouri = 4+9+1+1+6+3+9+9 = 42/60


  1. Zach... Are ya on the Falcons bandwagon yet? :-)

    1. No, but if they slip in,the team that goes to the Super Bowl might very well advance over the Falcons and Packers, matching the pattern from last season.


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