Sunday, December 27, 2015

33 47 | Russell Wilson's Early Passing Stats Against Rams, December 27, 2015

4/7 for 33-yards and 1 sack for a loss of 13?  So far the biggest surprise in the NFL, is the early deficit the Seahawks find themselves in.

Today's game is in Seattle, on the 47th parallel, on a date with a life lesson number of '47'.

12/27/2015 = 12+27+(2+0+1+5) = 47
33 and 47 are often paired together
The Seahawks are one of three teams with a '33' name in the NFL
Seahawks = 1+5+1+8+1+5+2+1 = 24/33/42


  1. if the vikings lose tonight it wouldnt be a suprise. The nfl is obviously trying to help the falcons out.

    1. No they want Ratings for Next weeks Sunday night game. Both being Memorable blowouts. The Packers and Vikings will bring in ratings


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