Saturday, December 26, 2015

43 113 | Chargers Fell On Their Number, December 24, 2015

As discussed in the preview of the December 24 game, there was numerological alignment for both teams, but there was more for the Chargers and their Quarterback, Phillip Rivers, who ended up losing in OT, 23-20.

Read that preview post here:

Notice how the sum of the score, 43-points, aligns with the gematria of 'Chargers'.

Chargers = 3+8+1+9+7+5+9+1 = 43



    There is no MOCKERY at all.

    Look the glasses:

    You think that CNN spent most of the day thinking in Putin...

    WRONG .

    This is a subliminal message about World War Three. You can bet whatever you want.

    1. Of course NOT, because this guy is part of the HOAX.

      There is no real confrontation between USA AND RUSSIA. The next NUCLEAR war will be created "by the numbers" as the World War one and two.

      Look the magazine THE ECONOMIST: THE WORLD IN 2016: Putin is the leader for the globalist.

      This is a bad bad bad message for USA. This foreshadow the COMPLETE collapse of the dollar and CHAOS.

      The message is clear: The REAL leaders in the shadow are putting his money on Putin BECAUSE they just have decided who will win the next NUCLEAR war.

      Putin is 100 times more dangerous than Barack Obama the puppet.

      You can buy the special issue of 2016 (full masonic magazine) in USA, and you will see, that this guy is part of the World War Three PLAN.

      Please BUY the magazine and take a look of the cover.

    2. There is no loyalty to Usa for the globalist elite. They have a new "leader" and It´s called Putin.

      You can´t say: CNN is mocking Putin because is the opposite.

      You are looking just NUMBERS, but the message is deeper:

      Again: You can buy the MAGAZINE and you can see this "message" by yourself.

    3. Yes, I agree with what you're saying. I've always said that the United States and Russia serve the same masters, the division presented in the mainstream is false. That is why the headline is mockery.

  2. Also look at the last throw by rivers, he had a receiver wide open behind the dbs for the gw touchdown, but instead throws in between 3 defenders to nobody, any pop warner player could have made that play

  3. The 4-11 coding was outta control


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