Tuesday, January 24, 2017

45 118 119 | Brett Favre, drafted 33rd overall by the Atlanta Falcons in 19991, has a birthday 118-days (span of 119) from Super Bowl 51

Favre defeated the Patriots in Super Bowl 31.  Notice they won with '35'.

In light of the Falcons advancing over the Packers to make it to Super Bowl 51, let's take a look at the man who played for both teams.

Notice Brett Favre is 47-years-old at the time of Super Bowl 51, the 47th Super Bowl of the modern era.  Again, Brett Favre was drafted #33 overall in the 1991 NFL Draft, by the Atlanta Falcons, on the 33rd parallel, before being traded to the Packers.  This year the Falcons are in their 51st season.

From Favre's birthday to the Super Bowl is 118-days, or a span of 119.

It is also a span of 119-days....