Sunday, December 27, 2015

14 33 42 113 142 | Panthers Lose First Game of 2015 Season, 42nd Matchup All-Time Against Atlanta Falcons

Notice that the Panthers were 14-0 before losing today.  In earlier years of the NFL, the season was 14-games long.  Whenever I see the number 14, I'm reminded of two words that are often paired together on road signs.

Dead = 4+5+1+4 = 14
End = 5+5+4 = 14

Stats prior to today's game
Today, December 27, 2015, was the day that leaves 42-days until Super Bowl 50.  It was also the 42nd time in the history of the Falcons and Panthers, that the two teams played each other.  The Falcons came into the game leading the series 24-17, they now lead it 25-17.

With regards to 42, it connects to Cam Newtown's passing stats, which were his season worst, with 142-yards, and 113 net yards.

Remember, 42 is a number connected to the Freemasons.  The Freemasons, obsess over the number '33'.  It should be noted, that the branch of Freemasonry that rules the NFL and pro sports, is 'Scottish' Rite Freemasonry.

Freemason = 6+9+5+5+4+1+1+6+5 = 42
Scottish = 19+3+15+20+20+9+19+8 = 113 (Newton's net yards)

Todays' game ended with a sum of 33 points, on the 33rd Parallel, in Atlanta, named after the lost city of 'Atlantis'.

Atlantis = 1+2+3+1+5+2+9+1 = 24/33
ATL = 1+20+12 = 33
Atlanta, on the 33rd Parallel
20-13 (20+13 = 33)

The NFL is a numerological joke, and only sheep can't see.

Also, as I often say, 33 is routinely paired with 47 and 74, numbers that connect to today's date numerology, December 27, 2015.

12/27/2015 = 12+27+20+15 = 74
12/27/2015 = 12+27+(2+0+1+5) = 47

Speaking of 33 and 42, the Panthers finish their season against the rival Tampa Bay Buccaneers, who are lead by the young QB Winston, one of a handful of black quarterbacks in the NFL.

Winston = 5+9+5+1+2+6+5 = 33/42
Winston lost his first game of the season to the Titans, 42-14 (#1 draft pick vs #2 draft pick)


  1. Dude i was watching the whole game. It was scripted asf like a wwe wrestling match.

  2. DID YOU SEE THE PATS JETS GAME? belicheck wastes his final timeout on a punt return with 33 seconds left, more than enough to for the supposed greatest qb of all time

    1. And Pats opt to kick in OT because they know it's scripted for Jets to march 74 yards on the date with 74 numerology.

  3. Its amazing how they script these games. They might be top notch numerologists.

  4. Zach Surprised you didn't predict this I predicted Panthers would lose 2 weeks before. It was just to perfect for the Elite which is why I called it Upset week. 7.5 Favorite LOL man that Blowout set it up. Idk who will be the 6 seed I predicted a Giants Upset tonight. Rams beating the Hawks these Falcons getting in would be hilarious

    1. I wrote weeks ago why the Falcons would be the team to end their perfect season. The 142 passing yards might be a sign of what is to happen next week against the Bucs and Winston.


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