Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Reader Contribution | Words With 33 Gematria, Pythagorean Method

The S, K and V exceptions are utilized in the '33' computations of the following words.

K = 2/11
S = 1/10
V = 4/22

The '33' words/names are as follows:

Fish, Chakra, Evan, Sick, Big Bang, Charge, Behind, Defence-(British Spelling), Cedric, Michael, Indian, Wave, Asher, Rise, Angelic, Mikael, Chochma-(Kabbalistic Terminology), Irene, Share, Before, Price, Hawaii, Bad Karma, Flies, Files, Eris-(Dwarf Planet), Ehyeh-(I AM), Silk, ISSAC-(International Space Station Agricultural Camera), Iblis-(Devil of Islam), Which, Leahcim, Galilee-(Israel), Magpie-(Avian Species), Philae-(Island/Temple/Spacecraft), Ashamed, Find Me, Merkaba-(Sacred Geometry), Dennie, Banker, Pigs, Thick, Broke, Hardik, Irina, Nahash-(Serpent), Gifted, Robbie, Parker, Newtown, Police, Orange, Moshe, Diamond, Believe, Aliens, Darren, Second, Teacher, Order, Selene-(Moon Goddess), Finland, Dreams, Asherah-(Goddess), Miranda, Kimmie, Desire, Miss, Canaan Dog-(Canine Breed), Keys, Rhonda, Inside, Deer Man-(Italian Folklore/Ritual), Samir, Marine, The Code, Life Is, Their, Happen, Score, Berlin, Porch, Remain, Goetica-(Witchcraft), Replace, Pork, Bosse, Jehovah, Husband, Beyonce-(Singer), Jabroni-(Wrestling Slang), Mexico, Smith, Dishon, Cameron, Cameraman, Ghost, People, Yahveh, Is In Me, York, False Flag, Who Am I, Codename, Black Hole, Pandora, Drugs, Eclipse, Bishop, Miller, Modern, Knight, Celeste, On Board, Biggest, False God, Lions, Leather, One Eye, Hector, Rough, Apples, Shaking, Pirate, Mithra-( Zoroastrian Divinity), Farscape, Leonard, Crush, Reward, Delaware, Blac Chyna-(Hip-Hop Groupie), Albrecht, Stark, Thailand, Kitti-(Municipality in Pohnpei), Barracuda, Red Tape, Faster, Romance, Winds, Robert, Genesis, Patrick, October, Kennedy, Shmuel, God’s Name, Muhammed, Repent, Pauline, Cleveland, Balatarin-(Persian Social Media), Issachar, Pizza, Azevedo, Dragons, Bode Well, The Elect, Ketamine-(Drug), Darryl, Musical, Remove, Scarlet, Archons-(Rulers/Lords), Ocean Blue, Antares-(Star), Hunab Ku-(Mayan for “The Only God”), Suicidal, Paz Vega-(Actress), Ability, Legalism-(Philosophy/Theology), Eden Snake, Absinthe-(Alcohol/Plant), Euros, Widely, Colleges, Selfish, Victor, Stephen, Bill Gates, Muslim, Justice, Vincent, Rand Paul, Person, Street, Priest, The Sun, Company, Clinton, Noah’s Ark, Stealing, Dustin, Yahuwah, Blessing, String, Ninety, Sixteen, Lee Vayle-(Minister), Project, Tornado, Baptist, Gnostic, Cortez, Crackpot, Praises, Buddhist, The Eyes, Shelter, Sam Bowie-(Drafted before Michael Jordan), Manifest, Destiny, Swedish, Got Milk?, Black On Black, Forecast, Artist, All Is One, Paternal, Punish, Pell-mell, Sonnet, Canaanites, Atlantis, Matters, Return, Doomsday, Counter, Stanley, MK-Ultra, Kristen, Norway, Murray, Homeless, Jalal Talabani(Iraq President 2005-2014), Groups, Whistle, Holy Law, Society, Tesla Coil, Resolve, Humour-(British Spelling), The Tares, Airways, Vimovo-(Drug), Powers, Days Mood, Alex Jones-(Shill), Flagstaff-(Arizona), Saviour-(British Spelling, Manvantara-(Hindu Progenitor of Humanity), Solitude, Ancestry, Ancestors, Rock Star, Go Postal, Nonsense, Quality, Holocaust, Nazis, Zyklon B-(Nuremberg Trials), Sunrise, Various, Juan Carlos, Red Lotus, Mare’s Nest, Travel Law, Second Sun, To Do List, My Son Is, Nervous, Kanye West-(Artist), Lord Jesus, Janet Jackson-(Entertainer), Narcissus-(Greek Mythology/Plant), Don’t Stop, Tombstone, Mount Etna-(Italy), Two Doves, Larsen.

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