Tuesday, December 29, 2015

50 66 122 | Super Bowl 50, the Carolina Panthers & the Black Panthers, Cam Newton & Huey P. Newton (Why Broncos vs Panthers Makes Sense)

As I often say, the professional sports championships are themed with what is taking place in the world, at least in terms of what is being presented in mainstream culture.  At this moment in time, recent years have been fueled with mainstream media headlines having to do with race, especially in regards to police officer shootings, often reported as a white officer shooting a black man or even child.

In this regard, think about the 'White' Broncos vs the 'Black' Panthers, reminding many, at least subliminally, of the black Panthers, established in 1966, emphasis on '66, for 'black nationalism'.  Making matters even more interesting, the Black Panther Party began in Oakland, CA, near where upcoming Super Bowl 50 is being hosted.

Black = 2+3+1+3+2 = 11
Nationalism = 5+1+2+9+6+5+1+3+9+1+4 = 46/55
Black Nationalism = 57/66

The Black Panther Party was established by Huey P. Newton, the Carolina Panthers are lead by Cam Newton, emphasis on Newton.  Below is a post on the Black Panther Party and Huey P. Newton's death at age 47.  With regards to the NFL and 47, the first Super Bowl was in the 47th season.


Super Bowl 50 will be played February 7, 2016, 50-years after the establishment of the Black Panther Party in '66.

Super Bowl 50
Fifty Years Since Formation of Black Panther Party
Fifty = 6+9+6+20+25 = 66

With regards to the Black Panther Party, or BPP, they have a connection in name Gematria to 'San Francisco', the host of Super Bowl 50.

There is a great connection between San Francisco and Super Bowl 50 too.

What the NFL and the race war most definitely have in common, is that they are part of the "New World Order", or "Old World Order" agenda.  The football is for distraction, and the race war is for division.

Is the video suggesting 15-1 with its 1:51 length?
That number was good news for Conor McGregor...


  1. Nice, everything looks like its lining up for this storyline.
    This channel I saw on youtube (RFG the chosen 1) predicted the same thing. Subliminal race programming.
    He basically says it will be the black panther QB vs. the white horse QB. Couple weeks ago he said a scandal would come out about 1 of the teams.
    The HGH will make Manning look like a cheater so that more bets go on the Panthers. Then the Broncos will win to get Vegas money.

    SB50 Race Ritual

    Peyton Manning HGH hoax

    1. This seems very plausible. On the verge of likely.

    2. Chosen one Cracked the Code. Zachary better give him credit. Sad how you didn't find this being good with numerology for many years. He even Predicted the HGH Scandal which is incredible.

    3. Stop being dishonest and misleading. He said there would be a scandal, with either Cam Newton, or one of the Broncos players. He said nothing specifically about Peyton Manning, or HGH for that matter. He based his assertion, on the fact that the deflate gate scandal occurred last year to distract the fans.

      While the logic used to form his conclusion was sound, I wouldn't proclaim that he predicted it or cracked any sort of code.

      Also keep in mind that he believes and promotes all the masonic hoaxes such as Dinosaurs, Lucy and Nibiru. He is essentially feeding you truth, mixed together with lies. Classic disinformation agent tactics.

      Not to mention, he also sells merchandise; Which I wouldn't have a huge gripe with, if he didn't also make people pay for certain information. Knowledge should be free to all; Especially if you claim, that your main goal is to help people through spreading said knowledge.

      In conclusion, fuck off, you piece of shit troll.

    4. Pay 4$ for some NFL Logo Symbolism? Who cares Zach is over here asking for money so this shouldn't be brought up. Also he clearly said in the video Late December so technically he called it 100% also saying Peyton would win so he would go out with a Ring. Deflate Gate came before the Super bowl what are you talking about?

      Stop assuming what he based his views off of he predicted a Broncos vs Panthers Super bowl. Predicted Super Bowl 49 a year before and predicted a Scandal. Give credit where it's due.

      Calling me a liar. I've said on here it would be Broncos vs Panthers Several times after that Tribute game Vs the Bengals where I predicted a Broncos win the Numbers started adding up and Zach did the research because it was getting obvious and came up with this while pushing the Packers to the Super bowl lol get the heck out of here man and get off Zachs nuts

    5. The Fix and How it works. News Anchor Jessica Sacitch who made this was killed by the mob shortly thereafter: https://youtu.be/33i9Rj_v8Oc

  2. Very interesting find Truthseeker.

    Black Panthers are considered to be - Endangered =77. In North America, Black Panthers are known as - Jaguars =77.

    Jacksonville Jaguars =66.....like the year the Black Panthers were founded - 1966. Blake Bortles =122.

    In regards to the Newtons...... Huey =59. Cam =17. Kill =59. Kill =17.

    Newton =91. Super Bowl Champs =191. Black Panther Party =191.

    Carolina Panthers Quarterback Cam Newton =2309. Could be his year? I remember a year or two back they tried to kill Cam in a car crash.

    Car Crash =266. The 266th day of the year is Sept 23 (23/9), and the USA is currently 239 years old.

    Car Crash =71. Seventy One =144. Car Crash =44. Forty Four =144.

    Car Accident =81. Cam Newton =108. Car Accident =249. Football =249.

    Cam survived the Car Crash - C C = 3 3, and has now fulfilled his potential as the NFL's best player.

    NFL's Best Player =1044. Carolina Panthers =1044.

    1. Great work, I love the car accident and football find.

    2. hi,I recently did a gematria on myself very spooky
      first I did one of my mother who passed and too find out that cancer is 264, and my mother's last name dozier is 462, & Most of my family members on my mom side have all passed because of cancer. Than this when it hit me i was miserable last night and i said these exact words "i hated the life i had to live" which comes to 1186 and my name Ronchezz comes to 1186. So who pulling my strings behind the scenes? or is this just coincidenc

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  4. "Pale Horse" in the English Reduction system equals 45 /54

    Levi Stadium" in the English Reduction system equals 45 /54

    "Levi stadium California" in the English Ordinal system equals 223

    "Levi stadium California" in the English Reduction system equals 97 /106

    Super bowl 50 Feb. 7 ,2016

    2+7+20+16= 45

    Black Cat " in the English Ordinal system equals 53

    "fifty three" in the English Ordinal system equals 122

  5. Maybe there is some connections between Manning and John Elway.
    If Manning wins, it would set him up to retire with a Bronco super bowl just like Elway.

  6. Make a post about the Eagles firing chip Kelly

  7. Yo Zachary You better Give Credit to RFG Chosen one you fraud.

    Credit him

    1. Give him credit for what?

      Zach has shown all of this through the numbers, utilizing his own unique methodology of researching; like he has always done. Now all of a sudden, because you have some sort of personal allegiance to someone else, there is a problem?

      He's been talking about the Panthers, being somehow connected to a big event, since his blog first started; all the way back in 2013. He's also been showing the Cam Newton, Carolina Panthers, and BPP connections for quite some time now.

      As I will show you, this is not the first time he's mentioned the Broncos being in the SB either. Here's a couple of verifiable examples.

      From Zach's blog on 11/6/15, the 57 HS Player's named Peyton, that live in Peyton, Indiana; tribute to Peyton Manning:

      "We'll see if Super Bowl 50 ends in a giant Peyton Manning tribute."

      From Zach's blog on 11/4/15, on the Vernon Davis trade to the Broncos:

      "Should the Broncos make it to the Super Bowl, Vernon Davis will play in what was formerly his home stadium, that of the San Francisco 49ers."

      I also don't think it's that big of a stretch, for anyone to speculate, that the Broncos and Panthers would be in the SB this year. Especially considering, the Panthers were undefeated until this past week, and how well the Broncos have been playing this season. I've even heard some brainwashed NFL fans referencing this possibility.

      With all of that being said; Go kick rocks you fucking troll, you are the only fraud here.

  8. No he was pushing the Packers for the Super bowl until I came along and started posting the Broncos vs Panthers for awhile. Zach does good work but clearly RFG is on another level.

    Zach didn't speculate this stop trying to play off what this guy is doing it was in no way expected like the Scandal in "Late December" Not February Deflate Gate fool

    1. RFG is a piece of shit, that is pimping my people; Black People. I've seen people like him come and go, and I've ever fallen for some of them in the past; when I was young and naïve. He's perpetuating the Hegelian Dialectic, of the Black and White masonic chessboard.

      People like him are just as bad as the slave masters that altered human history. People like him disgust me, because they discount the achievements of every other beautiful group of people on the planet. There is more than just two groups of people on the planet. I love Asian culture, and have travelled from west to far east Asia many times over. They have a unique and rich history, that people like him are trying to steal and profit off of.

      Black Supremacy, is just as ignorant and backwards as White Supremacy; or any other form of deluded supremacy for that matter. There is no such thing as a superior race, and all people have their own unique beauty.

      This RFG (Real Fucking Gay), is an agent in the know, trying to gate-keep and con black people, that possess low self-esteem. Just because he was given the script doesn't mean he should be respected. Disinformation agents pull people in with the truth, and feed them lies mixed in; this is how they operate. This is a known tactic to anyone that's been awake for awhile. You wouldn't know this though; You were still listening to Alex Jones, just as recent as six months ago.

      By the way, Ron Paul is no hero you idiot, he's a part of the gang, just like everyone else on the political stage.

    2. Never ever fell for Alex Jones or liked his message you idiot. Arguing with you is pointless if you're going to bring that garbage up he's pure entertainment. Please tell me what has Ron done to be a disinfo agent? Ron Paul has awakened millions without disinformation unlike Jones so you have no case. Especially since they were blacking him out and rigging elections so he wouldn't win. Of course he wasnt going to win. Of course the Libertarians are who the Elite are coming after......

      We could go on about how Zach is a joke throwing up his 666 signs unlike RFG.

      Of course there's nothing with empowering you're own race and he says Melinated people when they've manipulated and stolen you're entire history right dumbass? Melinated people isn't just black people. If we are going to have a debate stop throwing inaccurate nonsense. Please tell me why we had Scripted White vs black QBS last 3 Super Bowls? Possibly most likely a 4th on Super BOWL 50 You fool.

      What script? Zach found out the Truth of the Super Bowl just like anyone else could and now you're going to say he has a script for releasing information about the Scandal?

      It's sad you can't empower you're own people after Slavery as well and not just being bought on ships before that as well. Then you'll say the Bible was manufactured by the Elite....Nah.

      Anyways slavery and depopulating of the Native Americans was racism you dumbass but the Natives helped them survive the winters and pay off the debt of the voyage. Natives' didn't see color and now they live on reserves.

      Zach says the Elite wrote the bible yet go to Sodom and Gomorrah and you will find the highest concentrated Brimstone Sulfur on this earth. They wont tell you the Messiah was dark skinned. Zach says "Jesus" which is foolish since that wasn't his name and given by Pope Alexander and Da Vinci when he drew his son Caesar Borgia who would be called Jesus throwing away the original Portraits of the Messiah.

      That White man Jesus is a Joke. Is that not white supremacy? Dumbass?

      Elite worship Satan and the fallen angels but for some reason they have kept this truth of the Bible Hidden and only revealed a 100% false doctrine that's why the "Jews" in the history books at school are White Jewish slaves in Egypt.

      They tell you to forget Slavery so you don't research it get the fuck outta here man.

      "Black supremacy" are you dumb. Alex Jones again assuming baseless bullshit didn't you read my first comments?

    3. This demonstrates that you're a newbie to truth, so you're not the best person to discern it. Waking up is a gradual process son; It takes years to become fully awake. Hell I didn't believe in shit I was fed back in the 80's, but I'm still learning new things each day.

      I had no problem with you saying that someone else predicted the SB. My issue is the way you went about it; like a troll would. You had no tangible reason to call anyone a fraud. You displayed a complete lack of integrity, in the way you came across. Make sure you have all of your ducks in a row next time; before you start erroneously labeling people frauds. I would suggest practicing more humility in your dealings with others.

  9. When it comes to sports rigging, I think it's a team effort for the "community" to keep exposing it. Shouldn't be arguing about who discovered what first. The people rigging sports are tapped into spiritual principalities. So yes, they are using gematria and numerology; and yes they are using it to further other agendas like racial division.

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