Wednesday, December 30, 2015

113 | Perjury

Here is a '113' word that fits a familiar pattern.

Perjury = 16+5+18+10+21+18+25 = 113

There shouldn't be any doubt who created our language.


  1. Was looking at the Wikipedia page of Mara Rooney and noticed the following:
    "NFL ties

    Mara's mother's family founded the Pittsburgh Steelers, and her father's family founded the New York Giants. The families have maintained at least partial ownership of both teams since their foundings. Mara's father and paternal uncles have high ranking positions within the Giants organization; her uncle John Mara is the president and CEO of the team. Mara has described football as "the glue that holds our family together.""

    1. Yeah, her name sounds so ridiculous. The first time I heard it, I clearly remember channeling Jerry Seinfeld (a piece of true zio-filth) from the 'Art Vadelay' bit.

      "It sounds made up."
      Art Vandelay = 123 simple, 42 pythagorean, 33 chaldean-hindu/hebrew, 96 zain hebrew

      Conspiracy = 123
      Costanza = 99
      Seinfeld = 74 simple, 38 pythagorean, 88 zain hebrew

      Completely off-topic now, but I'm not sure if I've mentioned this one before, because I haven't yet completed my research of Seinfeld. Ever notice this?

      Cosmo Kramer = 131
      Michael Richards = 131

      Using only Seinfeld, Star Trek, Star Wars and Simpsons numerology research, I have convinced the three biggest skeptics in my personal life to stop being such skeptical assholes about everything I say about jews, freemasons, etc..

      They can't unsee it.

      There is so much in Seinfeld, it's overwhelming. I believe it may possibly be the most heavily coded show in television history.

      Sometimes I want to start a wiki for this so we can more effectively work together on this kind of research. (these blog interfaces simply suck too much ass)

  2. Oh yeah, no doubt. The legal field is filled with interesting numbers. I'll create an in depth list for you, when I get some more free time. Here's a quick sample for now.

    Law = 36 (Sum of 1-36 = 666)

    Lawyer = 84 (United States of America = 84)

    Attorney = 37 (Liberty = 37 = Prison)

    Guilty = 94 (Innocent = 94 = Judgment)

    Not Guilty = 143/44 (Ninety-Three = 143/Karma = 44)

    Perjury = 113/41 (One Hundred Forty-Three = 113/King =41)

    Guilt = 69 (The Law = 69)

    Innocence = 82 (Correct = 82 = Is an Angel)

    Legalese = 66 (Thirty-Three = 66 (Sixty-Six = 41 = USA)

    1. Yes, great work, law and lawyer tell the story. A nation of laws and lawyers.... and little justice.


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