Monday, December 28, 2015

50 111 | Kansas City Super Bowl? After World Series? (ESPN Hype)

It is #11s 11th season this year (#11, Alex Smith, above)

Recall that Kansas City Royals just won the 111th World Series over the New York Mets.  Here is some ESPN hype for a possible Kansas City Chiefs Super Bowl...

Should this happen, just remember the NFL is a QB driven league, and the Chiefs have a little "111 Magic" of their own playing the position.

Alex = 1+12+5+24 = 42
Smith = 19+13+9+20+8 = 69
Alex Smith = 111

Alex Smith was drafted #1 overall by the San Francisco 49ers in the 2005 NFL draft.  The San Francisco 49ers are hosting Super Bowl 50 this year.  If Smith were to make it to the big game, it would be quite a statement.

With regards to his 111 name gematria, many 49er fans still remember his rookie season where he was forced into the starting position, finishing the year with 1 TD and 11 INTs.  Notice the 1-11.

Like the Broncos, the Chiefs are in their 55th year of existence.  The team originally began as the Dallas Texans, started by Hank Stram.  The last time the team won the Super Bowl was in 1970, Super Bowl IV, played on January 11, or 1/11.


Turns out Chiefs are a nice fit for '50', as in Super Bowl 50.  Recall, the Chiefs were in the first ever Super Bowl, against the Packers, at the end of the '66 Season.

Chiefs = 3+8+9+5+6+19 = 50
Fifty = 6+9+6+20+25 = 66

At the beginning of the season, the Packers and Chiefs played on MNF, with a game ending in a sum of '66' points.  This year, the 49ers are hosting the Super Bowl, after being in the NFL for '66 years.


  1. Against the Vikings, who will be playing the Packers for the NFC North division title next Sunday. If the Broncos lose tonight, the Chiefs win the AFC West, coming off the heels of this recent HGH story for Manning.

    1. Got a feeling they clinch tonight with the Steelers losing a win will give them the clinch. They also could've had a Jets or chiefs loss but they both won.

      Ironic how there is a Monday night game after the HGH.

    2. Chiefs started the season 1-5, beating the Texans for their first win of the year before losing to the Broncos, Packers, Bengals, Bears, and Vikings. Their second win came over the Steelers. At 10-5 after yesterday's win, with the Broncos at 10-4 as of this moment, I can see Denver losing tonight. I see that 1-5

    3. The Chiefs have never won the AFC Championship Title.

    4. Honestly you can look up the Broncos vs Bengals Predictions on a Bengals Blog and everyone is saying Broncos on CBS and others which really makes me think Bengals.

    5. Also curious that the Vikings game had a combined 66 points. Not only the year of the first championship, but that always prophetic 66.

    6. Seems like Minnesota needs their payoff for the AP controversy and the collapsing Metro Dome incident. Keep rocking Zach.

    7. Well they Clinched on a botched snap. 17-17 for Hosweiler because H will replace Peyton when he leaves wow

  2. Chiefs: 3+8+9+5+6+19=(50)

  3. Alex Smith threw an ELEVEN yard touchdown pass to Jeremy Maclin in the 1st quarter. That drive consisted of ELEVEN plays and was 65 yards long. 6+5=11

    1. Here is a true story. The only NFL jersey I have ever owned was bought for me, it was a #11, for Alex Smith, when he was with the 49ers. When I went to the 49ers-Eagles game at Candlestick on 10/10/10, I let my friend's buddy, who I hadn't met before the game, wear the jersey, because he wanted some 49er gear and didn't have any. During the game, a random woman approached him, and said that if she could have the jersey, she would have sex with him in the bathroom. Without me being aware of any of this, the trade was made. I found out after the game when the man returned without the jersey and after my friend's girlfriend questioned him on where the jersey had gone. When she found out the story, she made him track down the jersey and get it back. I told him I didn't care if he couldn't find it, it was okay... but he went out and recovered it (not exactly sure what he had to do to get it back)... but when he gave it back to me... it had a bunch of white crusty shit on the back... I washed the jersey and donated it. =)

    2. Hahaha. The only thing that would have made this story better is if it was a Rice Jersey. The story could be titled: "Rice-a-Roni, the San Francisco Treat". And they could name that proposition the Rice-a-Roni. Dude, where we're you? Did you get the nachos? Um No, but I got a Rice-a-Roni in the restroom. Throwback #80 sales would go through the roof.

  4. vikings vs. chiefs" in the English Reduction system equals
    .. 74 / 101 ..

    "vikings versus chiefs" in the English Reduction system equals

    .. 92 / 128 ..

    ninety two" in the English Reduction system equals

    .. 46 ..

    (This year will be the 46th NFL Superbowl. the 50th Championship Game.)

    one hundred twenty eight" in the English Reduction system equals

    .. 111 ..

    (Vikings Vs. Chiefs was played on Jan. 1 1970 = 1/11)

    "New Orleans , Louisiana" in the English Reduction system equals 83

    "New Orleans , Louisiana" in the English Ordinal system equals 227

    (83 & 227 remind us of death and one of the bonesman's favorite numbers in 227. Sort of like that 74 and 101 Masonic and Assassin numbers in the Gematria of Vikings Vs. Chiefs ?)

    Good work Zach. Might be on to something big here.

    1. "Minnesota" in the English Reduction system equals 38

      "Minnesota" in the English Ordinal system equals 110

      "one hundred ten" in the English Reduction system equals 66

      "Kansas city" in the English Ordinal system equals 122

      "Kansas city" in the English Reduction system equals 32

      "thirty two" in the English Reduction system equals 50 (Super Bowl 50 ?)
      The game was played Jan. 11 , 1970 and Hank Stram was the first player "miked for sound". So t.v. viewers could hear on field.

      "january eleventh " in the English Reduction system equals 64

      "miked for sound" in the English Reduction system equals 64

      "Hank Stram" in the English Reduction system equals 33

      "Hank Stram" in the English Ordinal system equals 105

    2. Kansas city = 50 (S- exception)

      Minnesota = 47 (S- exception)

      "forty seven" in the English Reduction system equals

      .. 50 / 59 ..

      Super Bowl 50 ?

  5. Could be the Jets too?
    Revis did play with NE last year.

    1. With FitzPatrick I doubt it

      They're pushing the Manning HGH story on Fox and Mainstream news. Wow just like deflate gate. Patriots aren't winning it because Either Broncose or Chiefs against Panthers or Packers

  6. That story is gonna come out as bogus and then sympathetic towards Manning.
    Its already falling apart.


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