Monday, December 28, 2015

122 | ESPN Broncos Hype, Post Monday Night Football, December 28, 2015

94, the reflection of 49
#94 on the Broncos recovered the football to win the game for his team
49ers hosting Super Bowl 50

Notice the time stamp on ESPN's video about the Broncos win?  Recall the Gematria of San Francisco, who is hosting Super Bowl 50.


  1. Maybe Super Bowl 48 was a preparation for Super Bowl 50

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  2. Wondering if that's why the Golden Gate bridge was in that photo with Andreas Lubitz from the Germanwings crash?

  3. Pey pey will play again. All of this is an obvious build up for his final chapter. Orange is the lose with grace color for teams and always has been. Pey will come in once Brock gets hurt, they are already talking about his shoulder being banged up, probably in the AFC championship, then you either have him lose the Superbowl or watch Brock win from the sideline. Either way, he goes out a loser as he was taught to do for the Ultra-Orange Tennessee Vols.

    I have no numbers to support this, just typical sports scripting.

  4. Stephen, remember the story about the guy thrown from the car and ends up on the sign?
    The guy on the sign could,be Brock Osweiler?
    The story goes that he was driving on the "shoulder".(Does he hurt his shoulder in SB?)
    Gets hit from the rear, turns over several times (does he turn the ball over several times in SB?) and lands on sign!
    Looked also like the SB goes to OT, with a score of 24-24.
    (Both vehicles in story were 2004 vehicles).

    1. I will have to read that bizarre piece again, but I do think the SB goes to OT. Would not be surprised if Pey came in after an injury and lead a comeback into OT. He may also go out a winner to cover his career as a loser, but I think he loses in the end too.

    2. No they want to capture alot of fans which is why the ESPN Deportes broadcasted in Spanish will be there for SB 50 And it will be shown in South America. Peyton going out with a ring seems so Epic.

      Probably the best and least expected storyline especially for Peyton. Which is what they were Foreshadowing that Article about Peyton having one last ride with a Ring. It's on the blog


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