Saturday, December 26, 2015

Peyton Manning Connected to "Doping Ring" (Human Growth Hormone Recovery)

If the doping charges mean we'll see less of Peyton Manning on TV, as soon as tomorrow, I'm grateful for this story.  I could go another day without hearing "Chicken parma tastes so good."  On the contrary, if this becomes the new Barry Bonds sports tabloid story, it could mean even more Peyton Manning on TV.


  1. It'll be a stpry for awhile, maybe a long one if he leads the Broncs on a run, but all signs point to Peyton playing the loser role that he was taught at the University of Tennessee, where great players go to learn to lose with dignity. I am sure they study how to fix ballgames while un collegee, if not earlier.

    All adds up to yet another desecration of a hero. It happens time and time again. Brady has his balls amongst other things, Blade Runner killed his girlfriend, Kobe is a rapist, they all pay for progression in the form of public humiliation. Basic Lutheran shame game.

    Most likely this leads to a forced or scandalous retirement with a lifetime MNF payoff with endorsements on the fringe.

    1. But they're Jewish...and actually I have seeked satan/lucifer, and his presence is unworldly, ever had that feeling of dread? He makes it go away instantly.

  2. Definitely could be a big story moving forward, could be that distraction story the nfl and the casinos need. I still like packers Broncos, based on both teams tributes this year to Super Bowl 50. I can also see panthers Broncos, cam newton is a evil dude and that fake car accident last year was always fishy to me. This is the same 7-8-1 team from last year.


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