Friday, September 7, 2018

21 25 26 73 79 97 231 | The death of Mac Miller in relation to Ariana Grande, his ex, and their song 'The Way' +Their breakup and the "Divine Feminine" comment

Mac Miller's death at age 26 is blamed on an overdose.

Mainstream = 113; Dishonest = 113; Not True = 113; Fiction= 113; Bullshit = 113
Read more about 113 and the Talmud here:

In the Talmud, it is BK113a that says it is okay for a Jewish person to lie to a non-Jewish person.

Dead at 26, with the OD, lie.

Read more about the death of Mac Miller here:

YHWH = 26 (Hebrew and English)

There are 26-letters in the English alphabet.

Notice the part about how he called her, the Kabbalist, the Divine Feminine.

Mac Miller was Jewish.

This song released on March 25, the 84th day of the year; Jesuit = 84; Masonry = 84

Mac Miller is dead at 26.

Ariana was just part of the Aretha Franklin death ritual, that had everything to do with 26.

8/16/2018 = 8+1+6+2+0+1+8 = 26

Further connecting Ariana Grande, is that he died 231-days after his birthday.

231, the 21st triangular number

On this day on the Satanic Calendar, you are to sacrifice a 21-year-old female baby.

Today is September 7, or 7/9.

Next up, Ariana Grande, who is 25-years-old.

Keep in mind, 97 is the 25th prime.

From the release of 'The Way' until today was a span of 1993-days.

1+2+3+4+5+6 = 21 (Saturn, the 6th planet)

This also comes on a date with 54 numerology.

9/7/2018 = 9+7+20+18 = 54

Remember, 93 symbolizes love in Thelema.

Thus, there is a relationship with 93 and 54, we see it again and again.

From Ariana Grande's birthday to his death is 73-days.

73, the 21st prime

It is also her 74th day of her age.  Masonic = 74; Killing = 74

With Mac Miller being from Pennsylvania, where the NFL season opened, and with a game all about "26", this note about a more recent song he did with Ariana Grande is also interseting.

This song was released September 9, 2016.

The 99th NFL season opened on a date with 26 numerology, and the opening game was all about the number 26, as predicted.

9/6/2018 = 9+6+2+0+1+8 = 26

Ariana Grande and Mac Miller broke up May 10, 2018

From the breakup to September 7, 2018 was 120-days.  Illuminati = 120 

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