Sunday, September 23, 2018

70 | Kerryon Johnson ends Lions no 100-yard rushing streak after 70-games, September 23, 2018 +Jordy Nelson accomplishment in same day

TEN = SNF (All 4 base ciphers)
This game came 10-days after Matt Patricia's birthday

Tonight, they showed how Bill Belichick got his first NFL coaching job as an assistant with the Lions, where Matt Patricia coached, the former coordinate under Bill B.

And you have to love the 33-yard stat in the story.  Lions = 33

The first TD scored of Sunday's games, on this same date, were by Jordy Nelson, his career 70th TD.  Then later, the final game of Sunday, Detroit ends a 70-game streak of no 100-yard rushers.

9/23/2018 = 9+23+20+18 = 70

See my prior post on Kerryon Johnson, the perfect name for a Manchurian RB.

Post here:

ALSO, next week the Lions will face the Cowboys in the TURKEY DAY BOWL.

This headline about Dak Prescott deserving a benching is making me laugh.

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