Monday, September 24, 2018

3 11 99 | Bucs can become 11th home winner of Week 3, September 20-24, 2018

This is the 99th NFL season.

September 23, the Sunday games of Week 3, fell on the day leaving 99-days left in the year.

Notice 'eleven' also sums to 99, and the Bucs could be the eleventh home winner this week.

Three = 29 / 56 (29 and 56 have numerology of 11)
Bucs = 2+3+3+1 = 9 (What is 9x11?)

In light of this week being about 'The United States of America' and the 'flag', I like the team with the flag logo to get the win, in spite of the Steelers potentially becoming 1-1-1.

And notice Tampa Bay is now the 1-point favorite, where yesterday the Steelers were.

ALSO, think about this...

11 home winners in Week 3?  What do you see in that?
*Scottish = 113

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