Tuesday, September 25, 2018

25 27 45 63 81 97 | Bill Cosby ruled a sexually violent predator, again, September 25, 2018, after July 25 ruling

This is the second time we have seen this exact same headline, at least:

The last time was July 25, and here we are on September 25.  What's 25 got to do with it?

Keep in mind today leaves 97-days left in the year, the 25th prime.

The two incidents come a span of 63-days apart.

Look at this headline from Bill Cosby's birthday about Emett Till and 63...


Recall Roseanne Barr's show being cancalled after her racist tweet, 63-days from the show's start:

Also, the date, and his age of 81, are right for ritual, which no doubt, this is.

9/25/2018 = 9+25+(2+0+1+8) = 45 (Racism = 45; Ritual = 45)

Notice how racism and ritual sum to 27 and 45 in the same ciphers.


Notice the picture of him next to #45, Donald Trump, the proud pussy grabber, and President of the United States of America.

Read about Bill Cosby's up to 10-years-sentencing here:

Notice the $25,000 fine.  RACIST = 25


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