Thursday, September 27, 2018

23 43 46 71 78 83 145 191 | Jake Butt tears his ACL on the Jesuit Order's birthday, September 27, 2018


Recall, Jake Butt was drafted 145th overall in the draft, days after Jim Harbaugh, his college coach at Michigan, visited with Pope Francis at the Vatican.


Today, September 27, 2018, is the Jesuit Order's birthday, and Pope Francis is the first publicly Jesuit Pope.

191, the 43rd prime number

Jake Butt is 23-years-old.  83, the 23rd prime; *Jesus Christ = 83

And for the record, I spy a lot of 27 in the name Jake Butt, and here we are on the 27th of September.

Today is 81-days before Pope Francis' birthday.  The Pope is 81-years-old.
Ritual = 27 / 81 / 81

From Jake Butt's 23rd birthday to today is 78-days later, reminding of the 33-day Pope, who went to bed on the Jesuit Order's birthday in '78, and never woke up again.


Read about the Jesuit ritual with Eric Reid to the Panthers on this same date, September 27, 2018:

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