Sunday, September 30, 2018

30 39 45 47 87 93 108 | US and Canada reach deal on NAFTA, September 30, 2018, a span of 87-days from Justin Trudeau's 47th birthday

This NAFTA agreement comes late, September 30, 9/30.

The deal keeps them partnered with Mexico in the agreement.

Again, everything done by the federal government, is by the numbers.

Same goes in Canada.  Consider their leader is Justin Trudeau.

This decision comes a span of 87-days from Justin Trudeau's 47th birthday.

It is a 'trade' deal.

 For one last point, consider September 30 has 39 date numerology.  9+30 = 39

And don't forget the significance of this being synced with Trudea's birthday.

ALSO interesting, this deal comes 108-days after Trump's birthday, #45.

*September is the 9th month, 45 is the 9th triangular number

The significance of 108 comes from the relationship between the sun and the earth, a sun which is said to be 93-million-miles away on average.

Consider Trudeau is "the son" of a former Canadian PM

His father Pierre was the 15th PM.  47, the 15th prime number

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