Saturday, September 29, 2018

21 47 78 | Brett Kavanaugh's testimony about his love for beer, September 27, 2018 & him being wrong about the legal drinking age

If you missed the testimony by Brett Kavanaugh on the Jesuit Order's birthday, he had A LOT to say about BEER, and how much he liked drinking BEER, but that he never passed out or blacked out, but sometimes did fall asleep.  Notice how BEER and JESUIT align, in light of him being Jesuit educated, and giving this testimony on September 27, the Jesuit anniversary.

Maryland = 47; D.C. = 47; Government = 47; Authority = 47; Vatican = 47; D.C. = 47

And it looks like the Huffington Post has proven that his statement was false, because he did insist several times that it was legal for him to drink beer as a 18-year-old.

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