Friday, September 28, 2018

35 37 42 44 46 53 89 118 158 | LSU Tigers #44 Wayde Sims killed September 28, 2018 in Jesuit ritual +Eric Reid

Eric Reid of LSU was reinstated in the NFL hours before this killing:

One life for one life.

The 44 that Wayde Sims wore, who was killed in a shooting, is jumping out in a huge way.

Read about the 33-day Pope who was found dead shortly after midnight, September 28, 2018, on a date with numerology of 44:

His name also connects to shooting.

And it even connects to death.

Go figure the HC's name is Will Wade.

Notice how his name connects to Catholic, in light of this being a Jesuit ritual.



He was 20-years-old.  71, the 20th prime

Here's the thing about LSU being involved in Jesuit rituals:

Eric Reid rejoined an NFL franchise on the Jesuit Order's birthday, he attended LSU.

Notice the foundation date of the Jesuits was August 15, or 15/8.

And for one last Jesuit connection...

As for who did the killing, look no further than the police.

Notice how Don Coppola Jr syncs with Freemasonry, and think about the name "Coppola".

The divisors of 44 sum to 84

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