Saturday, September 22, 2018

34 57 58 78 139 149 | Investigation findings in death of Jordan McNair, Maryland college football player & the riddle with UMBC basketball tournament upset

1-hour and 39-minutes... like 139, or 99-minutes...

Then down here, it is reported that were 34-minutes between when he first cramped and was taken off the field.  Keep in mind this Maryland.

The collapse was May 29.  5/29 = 5+29 = 34


American Football is credited to the Scottish Rite Freemason Walter Camp.

Jordan McNair died June 13, 2018.

6/13/2018 = 6+13+20+18 = 57



Read more about Jordan McNair's death here:

There's also this note about Maryland Terrapins and 'ritual sacrifice'.

And there's also this link with the coach of Maryland and the collapse coming 134-days after his 40th birthday...

*Durkin = 40

The collapse was on May 29, the 149th day of the year, and the death was June 13, 149-days after DJ Durkin's birthday...

Notice 149 is the 35th prime.

Super Bowl = 35 (Septenary); First Super Bowl was won with 35-points; QB = 35 (RO)

There's also a riddle here with the Maryland college basketball team upsetting Virginia.

The collapse came 74-days after the 74-point upset win by UMBC.

Notice the sum of 128-points.

The loser went down with 54.


UMBC vs. Virginia was the 136th time a #16 played a #1.

136, the 16th triangular number


They won on March 16th, emphasis on 16.

It was the 34th tournament offering the #16 vs the #1.  Maryland = 34; Murder = 34

Last, look at the date June 13 and March 16.... 6/13... 3/16... reflections...

And don't forget that the first March Madness was in '85...

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