Saturday, September 22, 2018

33 44 47 74 160 | FBI says out of last 160 active shooter situations, 6 have been women, the 6th is Snochia Moseley +Sheriff Jeffrey Gahler

26-year-old Snochia killed 3-people and wounded 3-more.  Kill = 26; Mason = 26

The sheriff on this one is Jeffrey Gahler.

Notice the gematria on Jeffrey Gahler.  33, 33. (28-years of service; Mason = 28)

Go figure.

And don't forget the gematria of 'Sheriff'.

Don't forget this shooting came on the 44th month of the Maryland Governo's day in office, Larry Hogan, who I left a message for with his secretary.

Read more about Larry here:

Larry has that 33 birth numerology too:

Notice how the article introduces the unnecessary federal department, 'Homeland Security'.

160 active shooter incidents... 6 female...

New by the numbers, again and again...

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