Saturday, February 16, 2019

25 54 55 74 92 | When Obama sipped the Flint, Michigan water, May 4, 2019 +Film Three the Hard Way

This was May 4, 2016.

Obama was addressing the 'water crisis' in Flint.  That phrase sums to 54, like 5/4, or May 4.

Notice he emphasized phrase, 'Can I get some water?' sums to 92.

Keep in mind this was synced up with Obama's 55th birthday.

This happened on a date with 25 numerology as well.  5+4+16 = 25

Notice Flint began receiving contaminated water on April 25, 2014, the day leaving 250-days left in the year.

From the start of the crisis to the day Obama addressed the problem, was 740-days later.

Read about the '74 film 'Three the Hard Way' about purposefully killing black populations with contaminated water.

You'll notice in the clips below, Obama wets his lips, but does not swallow.

He also downplays the toxicity of the water in Flint, insulting the population of people who were poisoned and killed by the purposefully tainted water.


  1. Zach the Director of Three The Hard Way, Gordon Parks Jr. died on April 3rd 4/3/1979 in a Plane Prash=43 at age 44=Kill

  2. Is there something with Flint-native Americans-genocide at play?

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  5. The US Presidential Government is ruled by the "Synagogue Of Satan", they love the Old Testament.
    Psalms 114:8 (114 x 8 = 912)
    who turned the rock into a pool of water, the "FLINT" into a spring of waters.

    "Psalms 114"=86(English Ordinal) 86/68
    "Barack Obama"=68(English Ordinal)
    "Bavarian"=68(English Ordinal)
    "Old Testament"=68(Reverse Full Red.)

    "Michigan"=912(Reverse English Sumerian)
    "August 4, 1961=912(Trigonal)

    "Flint Water"=1717(Reverse Ext.)
    "False Jews"=1717(Jewish)
    "Small Pox Vaccination"=1717(English Ext.)
    "Seventeen Seventeen"=216(Jewish Ordinal)
    "Poisoned Water"=216(Francis Bacon)
    Obama was born on August 4, 1961(61). the 216th day of the year.
    "Flint Water"=61(Reverse Full Red.)
    "Flint River"=61(Full Red.)


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