Monday, February 11, 2019

29 53 63 67 85 86 133 | Ron Miller. former NFL player and Disney CEO, dead at 85, February 9, 2019

This man died 67-days before his 86th birthday.  67, the 19th prime

He was 85-years-old and played in the NFL for the Rams 63-years ago...

Brady just won the Super Bowl in his 307th career game, becoming 6-3 in Super Bowls.

Mercedes Benz Stadium = 307; 307, the 63rd prime

*2/9/2019 = 2+9+20+19 = 50 (Brady = 50)

As for his date of death, February 9, it can be written 2/9, like 29.

 His name also has two clear connections to the Super Bowl.

Super Bowl 53 was won by a score of 13-3.


  1. Uncontestable and KILLER!... Check this out:
    The Lakers released a statement on Ben Simmons:
    "To clarify, last November the 76ers sent an email to the Lakers asking if Ben Simmons would be able to speak with Magic Johnson about his Hall of Fame playing career. After receiving the email request from the 76ers, Lakers General Manager Rob Pelinka contacted 76ers General Manager Elton Brand and informed him that Magic could only do so if the 76ers gave written pre-approval. That was the end of the matter." ... You see, you can´t just talk to a kid about the art and MAGIC of playing good BALL... You gotta clear it with the BALL HANDLERS!

  2. Number properties still doesn't work

    1. It links to Number Empire now. My PHP databse became corrupted after they took my site down and was leading to too many problems

  3. Married in 1954, 7 children..SB 54 coming. Possible 7th for New England. Kaep took a knee to the flag. Kaep wore a miami hat in 2013,SB in miami. SB host committee logo.. is miami stadium but looks like outline of golden gate bridge.. SB 53 logo was red and grey..8 red pieces, 8 grey pieces/shapes. Super bowl 52 of minn stadium.. looked like a eagles helmet wing..


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