Friday, February 15, 2019

February 15 In History | Belgium plane crash (US figure skating team), Roger Griswold's cane attack, US Battleship Maine, Mayor Cermak, King George VI funeral, Nat King Cole, Soviet Union out of Afghanistan, Jeffrey Dahmer, Princess Margaret, Dale Earnhardt Jr., Dick Cheney apology

On the 46th day of the year, 73 people died in a plane crash?

The numerology was also right for a plane crash.

2/15/1961 = 2+15+19+61 = 97


All throughout history, suspect attacks at sea have been used as excuses for war.

Of course it killed the CHICAGO Mayor on the 46th day.

As covered, King George VI was a sacrifice for Queen Elizabeth.

2/15/1952 = 2+15+19+52 = 88

And don't forget the 'Santa Monica' gematria.

187, homicide code
Death = 38; Murder = 38; Killing = 38

Another royal funeral on the 46th day of the year?   Sacrifice = 46

She died on her 173rd day of her age, on the 40th day of the year.  173, the 40th prime

She was 71-years-old, like how Queen Elizabeth was 71 when Princess Diana died.


His father died by the numbers.

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