Thursday, April 11, 2019

37 47 61 74 101 283 | Julian Assange arrested in London, April 11, 2019, for computer hacking conspiracy

Today is April 11, 2019, the 101st day of the year.

Julian Assange's hacker name is Mendax.

This news comes on the 283rd day of Julian Assange's age, which is 47.

The NEWS comes while Assange is 47-years-old.

Don't overlook his July 3, or 3/7, birthday.

See past work on Julian Assange and Chelsea (Bradley) Manning.  These are both contrived characters used in ongoing media / government riddles.

And in light of it being April 11, or 4/11, what's the 411?

Remember, you dial 411 for information, which WikiLeaks is known for distributing.

ALSO, he was arrested in London for 'computer hacking'.

Masonic = 74; Occult = 74; English = 74; Gematria = 74


  1. Julian Assange=83 and the 83rd Masters started today too

    1. And the 83 yr old Dalai Lama was just hospitalized ...
      It's all "Links In A Chain" = 83 rr, 227 ro
      "Huzzah!" = 83 Jew ord ... lol!! :D ;D

    2. And...
      "Julian Assange"=====135 K,
      "Tiger Woods"====== 135 O, 135 RO
      "Arrest Date"=======135 K

      "Julian Assange"========1104 J <<< Tiger's Day 1 Tee Time?
      "Fifth Green Jacket Winner"= 114 R <<< April 11th?

      "Assange is Arrested [Ecuadorian Embassy]"==411 K < On What Day?

      "Date [Thursday April Eleventh]"====333 K
      "Make America Great Again Agenda"=333
      "Hidden gematria in Headline"=====333
      "Computer Hacking Arrest Hoax"===333


  2. On 3/10 -- exactly 33 days ago -- First Look Media, owned by billionaire Pierre Omidyar, decided they would no longer publish any more of the "Snowden Leaks" -- & it was publicly announced on 3/30.
    Apparently continuing these particular False Narratives has become just as tiresome as the notion that Actor Assange has remained holed up in an Ecuadorian Embassy for years & years. :D ;D

  3. "Look At My Beard!" = 74 rr ... just like London (eo) & Computer Hacking (red) ... this "False Narrative" = 227 ro, is selling the masses a "Timeline Of Absurdity" = 227 eo ... once again, "Gematria Conveys The Reality" = 300 eo ... :D ;D

  4. Julian assange = 83
    83 days from bday

  5. His supposed hacking name Mendax = 101(RO) on 101st day. Mendax is the same Latin root as mendacious.

    1. Mendax Arrest on [April Eleventh]====411 RO <<< On What Day
      "Symbolic Date of Mendax Arrest"====411 RO

      "Calendar Date Mendax is Arrested"===114 R <<< April 11th?

    2. Had strange synchronicity playing the song U-Mass by The Pixies 411 :)

  6. The Family = 414(Sa) & 144(RO) so there maybe a follow up to this. There was some talk about his stepfather being part of that cult and he being raised MKUltra style there. The Family is also a musical side project of Prince


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