Monday, April 3, 2017

35 67 93 | Gonzaga leads UNC 35-32 at the half in NCAA Men's Basketball Championship, April 3, 2017 (93rd day of the year) +John Stockton in attendance

Gonzaga, the Catholic school on top, 35-32 at the half.

Also, notice the sum of 67.  Roy Williams will turn 67 in 121-days.

Remember, the "Ladycocks" of South Carolina won with 67-last night...

Italy = 67; Don't forget the Catholic Influence

Oh, and did you catch the 93 tribute with Berry the birthday boy on the Final 4 date?

It came when the score was a sum of 58.

ALSO, John Stockton, the Gonzaga alumni is in attendance.  He just turned 55-years-old.

John Stockton, the Jesuit college alumni, and every Mormon's favorite hooper, has a very good 'Christian' name.

Christian = 47
Christian = 61; Christmas = 61; Jesus = 61; Cross = 61; Church = 61