Sunday, December 4, 2016

NFL Week 13 Discussion Thread, December 4, 2016

12/4/2016 = 12+4+20+16 = 52 (Prophecy)
12/4/2016 = 12+4+(2+0+1+6) = 25
12/4/2016 = 1+2+4+2+0+1+6 = 16
12/4/16 = 12+4+16 = 32
12/4 = 12+4 = 16

Week Thirteen = 62/71/143
December = 37/55

From December 4, 2016 until the Super Bowl is 63-days, or a span of 64-days.

The O / U is at '50'  Chiefs = 50 (Loser of Super Bowl I)

The Chiefs lead the series 5-3.  6-3 would make sense for '2016'.  1+2+3...+63 = 2016

I say Falcons win this one, becoming 8-4, along with the Chiefs.  Atlanta is on the 33rd parallel and 84th meridian.  8-4, for both teams, makes sense.

*The Chiefs have won this game.  I have noticed a certain ESPN commentator routinely saying 'Don't doubt the Chiefs' all season.  The Chiefs were in the very first Super Bowl, and the original Dallas Texans became the Kansas City Chiefs.  There is something to look out for here.

This will be the 24th regular season game between both teams.

Lions = 24/33 (24th game, favorable to Lions?)

The regular season series is tied 11-11-1.  All-time, the Saints lead 12-11-1.

I think I like the Saints getting their 13th win, making their record 6-6.

Thirteen = 45; New Orleans = 45; Drew Brees = 45

This will be the 12th regular season game all-time between the two teams, and the 13 if you count their Super Bowl matchup.  The Patriots lead the regular season 6-5, and all-time, 7-5.

Notice the Patriots are 13.5 point favorites.  A 13 point win might make a lot of sense here.

LA = 12+1 = 13 (13 is the 7th prime) (Would be Patriots 7th win)

Notice Rams in Jewish Gematria sums to '201', this could also be Tom Brady's 201st game.

The Jaguars lead the regular season series 5-4, and the all-time series 6-5.

A Broncos win would even the series 5-5 and 6-6.  Jacksonville Jaguars = 66

Green Bay Packers lead the series 2-1, and it should be 3-1 after tomorrow.

Houston = 31 (3-1); Green = 31

With a Texans loss, and  Colts win on MNF, they'll be tied at the top of their division, 6-6.

NFL = 66; Andrew Austen Luck = 57/66/192 (NFL = 66/192)

The Bengals lead this series 8-3-1.

If they win tomorrow, they'll be 4-7-1 on the season.  Ohio = 47

The Miami Dolphins lead the regular seies 6-5, but all-time the Ravens lead 7-6.

Dolphins = 43/52 (Date numerology of 52)
If Ravens lose and Colts win, they'll both be 6-6.

Baltimore Ravens have gematria of both '66' and '75'.
Baltimore Ravens = 66/75

A Raven win would make both teams 7-5.

Where's Mike Singletary?

This will be the 62nd regular season game all-time.  The series is tied 30-30-1, but if you count the playoffs, the 49ers lead 33-30-1.

Kaepernick grew up in Wisconsin, not too far away.  He just turned 29 in November.  Football = 29

Soldier Field = 64 (Teams have played 64-times coming in)

This will be the 38th game in the regular season between the Raiders and Bills.  The Raiders lead 20-17, and counting the playoffs, 20-19.

Raiders = 38; Fire = 38 (Oakland fire)

Raiders should win this one, becoming 10-2, like the Patriots, who defeated them in #snowgate.

This will be the 77th game all-time between the two teams.  The Giants lead the series 44-29-3.  If the Giants lost, they would fall to 8-4 in the Steelers 84th season of being in the NFL.  That would give them a solid record for playing the 11-1 Cowboys next week.

United States of America = 84 ("America's Team", the Cowboys)
New York = 111 (Cowboys have only lost to New York Giants)

Then again, if the Giants upset the Steelers, 9-3 could make a bit of sense too.  Cowboys = 39

Of course, New York likes the number '93' as well.

Giants = 25 (Date has 25 numerology)

This game needs more research.

This will be the 123rd game all-time between these two teams.  It is very interesting they have never met in the playoffs, despite the history.  The Redskins lead the series 75-45-2.  Notice the Cardinals are 4-6, I think they will also earn their 46th win in this game.  Phoenix = 46

The Chargers lead this series 8-2.  San Diego = 38/47/74

An upset would make the Buccaneers 3-8 against the Chargers, in San Diego.  There has to be an upset somewhere.

That spread of -7.5 pops.  Carolina Panthers = 75

This will be the 9th regular season game, and the Seahawks currently lead 5-3.  If you count the playoffs, it is 7-4.  The Seahawks were established in '74; joined NFL in '76.

Notice the Panthers are 4-7.  Panthers = 38/47

A Panthers upset would make the Seahawks 7-4, and them 5-7, a number relating to Super Bowls, which they played in at the end of last season, and the Seahawks the season prior.

The last time the Panthers played in Seattle, they won.

10/18/2015 = 10+18+20+15 = 63 (63-days until Super Bowl)
10/18/15 = 10+18+15 = 43 (Seattle Seahawks)

Keep in mind, '39' is typically the number on SNF.  Russell Wilson has 39 birth numerology.

Things looked good for Dallas, as I showed in the Week 13 TNF preview.  That 11-1 heading into New York makes a lot of sense.

New York = 39/111 (New York is the 11th State)

The Cowboys have won 11 straight, and their only loss, was Week 1, in Dallas, against New York, where the Giants won 20-19.  20+19 = 39 (New York = 39; NY = 39; G-Men = 39)

It's Super Bowl III, but this time Joe's team should lose.

Joe Namath = 33; MNF = 33; Fitzpatrick is 33
Thirty-Three = 66 (Colts would be 3-3 on the road, 6-6 on the season)

A Colts win would make them 6-6.  NFL = 66; Andrew Austen Luck = 57/66
It will be Andrew Luck's 66th regular season game, and he is playing for win #41

Baltimore = 41; Super Bowl = 41; Jim Irsay = 41; the day Prince died, '41' numerology; SB 41

With a Colts win, the Giants would becoming 3-9.

New York = 39; Indianapolis is on the 39th Parallel; Luck has 39 birth numerology