Thursday, November 24, 2016

Thanksgiving Day NFL Football Discussion Thread, November 24, 2016

There will be 3 games this Thanksgiving, November 24, 2016.

Week Twelve = 41/50/68/131 (41, the 13th prime) (131, the 32nd prime)

11/24/2016 = 11+24+20+16 = 71
11/24/2016 = 11+24+(2+0+1+6) = 44
11/24/2016 = 1+1+2+4+2+0+1+6 = 17
11/24/16 = 11+24+16 = 41 (Super Bowl)
11/24 = 11+24 = 35

Thanksgiving = 60/69/78/96/141

From Thanksgiving to Super Bowl 51, is 73-days, or a span of 74-days.  (February 5, 2017)

NFL Team Name Gematria:  

Detroit Lions = 61/70/160
Minnesota Vikings = 75/84/93/102/201

This will be the 111th game all-time between the Lions and Vikings, all coming in the regular season.

The Vikings lead the series 71-37-2

If the Lions were to win, they would get #38 at home.  Minnesota = 38
I like that possibility.

Sam Bradford = 47/56/101
Matthew Stafford = 62/71/179

Mike Zimmer = 59/68/122
Jim Caldwell = 41/104

Let us decode the QBs for the game.

Matthew Stafford (Lions) was born February 7, 1988.  His 28th birthday was 291-days ago (span of 292), and his upcoming is in 75-days, a span of 76. (Minnesota Vikings = 75)

He is playing for his 49th win, or 58th loss today.  At home it will be his 30th win or 24th loss.  24th loss on the 24th today?  Likely.

He has played twice in the playoffs, losing both games on the road.

The opposing QB is Sam Bradford, born November 8, 1987.  His 29th birthday was 16-days ago (span of 17), his upcoming birthday is in 349-days, a span of 350.

Bradford is going for his 31st win, or 42nd loss.  On the road, this could also be his 13th win, or 24th loss.

Jim Caldwell, the coach of the Lions, was born January 16, 1955.  His 61st birthday was 313-days ago, or a span of 314, something like Pi.  *313 is the 65th prime.  His upcoming birthday is in 53-days, or a span of 54.  *53 is the 16th prime.  Like his opponent today, Mike Zimmer, he is coaching for his 25th win, or 19th loss, with the Lions.

This will also be Caldwell's 91st game.  Vikings = 91 (His opponent today)

Mike Zimmer, coach of the Vikings, was born June 5, 1956.  His 60th birthday was 172-days (span of 173) before the game, and his upcoming birthday is in 193-days, or a span of 194.  Again, 193 is the 44th prime.  He is looking for his 25th win, or 19th loss.

Cowboys and Indians on Thanksgiving, eh?

Washington Redskins = 85/94/112/121/229
Dallas Cowboys = 43/61/151

*If the Redskins upset the Cowboys, they would get their 43rd regular season win against the Cowboys.

This will be the 112th regular season game between both teams, and 114th game all-time.

The Cowboys lead the regular season 67-42-2, and all-time, 67-44-2.

Kirk Cousins = 50/68/86/149
Dak Prescott = 42/51/60/132

Jay Gruden = 42/105
Jason Garrett = 49/58/148

Kirk Cousins was born August 19, 1988.  His 28th birthday was 97-days before the game, or a span of 98.  This is the 97th season of the NFL.  His upcoming birthday is in 268-days, or a span of 269.

He is playing for his 18th win or 19th loss.  On the road, it will be his 7th win, or 11th loss.

In the regular season, this will be his 18th win or 18th loss.

Dak Prescott was born July 29, 1993.  His 23rd birthday was 118-days ago, or a span of 119.  His upcoming 24th birthday is in 247-days, or a span of 248.

Dak is playing for his 10th win or 2nd loss.  Two = 58; Washington = 49/58

Jay Gruden, the coach of the Redskins, was born March 4, 1967, and is currently 49-years old.  Dallas = 49; Washington = 49  From his birthday to the game is 265-days or a span of 266.  His upcoming birthday is in 100-days, or a span of 101.

In this game, he is coaching for his 20th win, or 23rd loss.

He is 0-1 in the playoffs.

Jason Garrett was born March 29, 1966.  His 50th birthday was 241-days ago, the 53rd prime number.  It was also a span of 242.  His upcoming 51st birthday is in 124-days, or a span of 125.

He is looking for his 55th regular season win, or 45th loss.

He is 1-1 in the playoffs.

Pittsburgh Steelers = 81/108/243
Indianapolis Colts = Indianapolis Colts = 75/93/192 (NFL = 192, English Gematria)

This will be the 23rd regular season game between both teams, and the 28th all-time.  The Steelers lead the regular season 16-6, and all-time, 21-6.  Notice both teams are 5-5 coming into the game.

Twenty-Three = 55 (5-5 records, 23rd game all-time between both teams)

If the Steelers lose, they'll be 16-7 in the regular season , a lot like '167', the '39th' prime.  The Colts play on the 39th parallel north in Indianapolis.  Andrew Luck also had '39' birth numerology, but he is out for the game.

Ben Roethlisberger = 92/101/182
Scott Tolzien = 52/61/178

Mike Tomlin = 49/58/121
Chuck Pagano = 46/55/100

Ben Roethlisberger was born March 2, 1982.  His 34th birthday was 267-days ago, or a span of 268.  His upcoming birthday is in 98-days, or a span of 99.

This will be his 196th game, going for his 130th win, or 67th loss.  On the road, this would either be win 57 or loss 42.

In the regular season, he is playing for win 119, or loss 61.  On the road, it would be his 52nd win or 39th loss.  Again, Indianapolis is on the 39th parallel.

The starting QB for the Colts, because Luck is out, is Scott Tolzien, who has 0 wins, 1 loss and 1 tie.  If he won today, he would be 1-1-1.

Andrew Luck is out with a 'concussion'.

Indianapolis = 60; Thanksgiving = 60; Concussion = 60
This game is 73-days after Luck's birthday, and 73-days before the Super Bowl
Seventy-Three = 58 (Greatest Game ever played in '58, 58-years ago, 1958)

Scott Tolzien is starting for Andrew Luck.

Scott Tolzien was born September 4, 1987.  From his 29th birthday to today's game is 81-days, or a span of 82.  Pittsburgh Steelers = 81  His upcoming birthday is in 284-days, or a span of 285.

Tolzien also played at 'Wisconsin'.  Wisconsin = 44 (Today has '44' numerology)

His initials, ST, also make '39'.  ST = 19+20 = 39

Mike Tomlin, the coach of the Steelers, was born March 15, 1972.  That's the 74th day of the year, and today is a span of 74-days from the Super Bowl.  His 44th birthday was 254-days ago, or a span of 255.  His upcoming birthday is in 111-days, or a span of 112.  Mike Tomlin is playing for his 98th regular season win, or his 58th regular season loss.  In the post season, he is also 6-5, meaning today could be his 104th win, or 63rd loss.

Chuck Pagano was born October 2, 1960.  His 56th birthday was 53-days ago, or a span of 54.  His upocoming birthday is in 312-days, or a span of 313.  *313, the 65th prime.

He is playing for his 47th regular season win or 29th loss.  He is also 3-3 in the postseason, meaning this could be his 50th win, or 32nd loss.