Monday, November 21, 2016

47 | Donald Trump, the first Jewish President of the United States, November 20, 2016 Fox News reporting

11/20/16 = 11+20+16 = 47 (President = 47) (Israel recognized as a nation in 1947)

"No one loves Israel more." - Donald Trump


  1. "Deceivers" in English Reduction equals 45-Trump "45th" President
    "Deceivers" in English Gematria equals 621
    "Presidents" in English Ordinal equals 129

    "Bill Clinton" in English Gematria equals 473
    "Jim Crow Laws" in English Reduction equals 47
    "Mass Incarceration" in English Reduction equals 74

    "Presidents" in English Reduction equals 48
    "School To Prison Pipeline" in English Gematria equals 1148

  2. Also, Bill Clinton signed the 1994 "Crime Bill".
    "Crime Bill" in English Reduction system equals 47

    1. Screwin over the Black People is coded all over this guy..

  3. What I think the truthseeker community needs to do is put together a list of the various methods of calculation used to come decipher this information. As of now, its kind of just loosely suggested what methods should be used for which instances. People new to the system may have a harder time navigating through all of the info being generated as more and more people start to learn this craft. What do you think??

    For calculation..There 'number of days between dates' then there is the 'subtraction of dates' etc..

    1. My how to gematria video has been out for two years. And I'm not sure what you're talking about with dates.

    2. Ridiculous. Every time I would type in Zachary Hubbard in you tube it would start playing his first two videos, which are must see's. Do it, you will need about 6 to 10 videos to get reeled in like a trout. If you suck at math, GOOD LUCK. Andrew Luck, still on the path to S.B potentially, but with Green Bay as terrible as they are, and Rodgers turning 33 in a few weeks, it will be exciting to see what the 'WWNFL' has in store for us.

      I miss 'Ndomikan Sue' and the Lions throat stepping folks, not concerned I spelled his name wrong. At least extra points from 33 yards away mean you can't get a beer from the fridge after a one - handed 'ODB' grab. No not ol' dirty bastard, wait I should calculate his 'passing' bet it would have a few numbers, right Zachary? You get mad props from me for yesterday's actions and decisions bro.

  4. Today marks only 2 weeks after the election, and the media has all but confirmed Trump, openly, as just another member of the established power regime.

    In the spirit of recently-completed Survivor Series, they pulled a "swerve" on the truthers by installing Trump as the next president. The election was rigged alright...just not in the way we thought it would be.

    1. Speaking of Survivor Series...isn't there some sort of parallel with Goldberg/Lesnar and the election? Here you had Lesnar (Clinton) dominating all of his opponents (polls) for years, then suddenly Goldberg (Trump, the Jew) shows up, and with ridiculously-strong booking, he just mows down the favorite in almost no time flat. It just seems like a narrative of the election.

    2. Maybe relevant in 1999. But whatever, lay out some numbers if you got em, we're bored with Trump cards and 2 of Spades.

    3. Did you notice the match went for 1:26 or 86 seconds. They made sure to mention it a few times

    4. I do remember the 86 connection, but don't remember where it fits in. The Trump numbers I'm most aware of are 48, 68, 88, 138...

  5. Damn! Mr. Root left out the most appropriate word of all ... ARROGANT!!

    ALL Americans should print this article & hang it up ... where they can always be reminded -- at a glance -- about WHO REALLY OWNS TRUMP.

    I've never before seen such Blatant Arrogance displayed so openly.

    Had ANY other "GROUP" written such a piece ... the pundits would be all over the place Denouncing this VEHEMENT VITRIOL.

    Where is the Outrage? This wasn't written so much to support Trump, as it was to Malign All Non-Jews ... using the most Bigoted, Arrogant & Demeaning Language possible -- "Here's what 'We Jews' ARE ... & what 'You Non-Jews' AREN'T."

    It's IMPORTANT TO NOTE: that Root is described as an "evangelist" -- a term commonly identified with Protestant Christians (such as Baptists, etc.) ...

    Yet HE openly identifies HIMSELF as JEWISH.
    He is an "Evangelist" ... For RADICAL ZIONISM.

    This is about as close as you're going to get to an admission about WHO is Controlling the "Narratives" espoused in these "so-called Christian churches" -- the ones who are so Radically Supportive of ALL things "Zion / Israel / Jewish-Rule".

    If it never made sense why these groups would commit themselves so totally to supporting Jewish-Only Causes ... now you should be able to understand WHY.

    If & When -- Trump "takes a dive" (faked assassination) -- this article needs to be Front & Center for those seeking to understand what's REALLY going on.
    Trump "dies" ... "Radical Islam" is blamed ... "Radical Jews" use the U.S. (once again) to Fight Their Fight -- with the goal being a Global Zionist Regime.
    It's a continuation of previous False Wars ... you can literally see the same rhetoric being rehashed that led into World Wars 1 & 2.

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