Thursday, December 8, 2016

TNF Discussion Thread Oakland Raiders @ Kansas City Chiefs, December 8, 2016

Week Fourteen = 58/67/148 (Oakland = 58)

12/8/2016 = 12+8+20+16 = 56 (Derek Carr = 56)
12/8/2016 = 12+8+(2+0+1+6) = 29
12/8/2016 = 1+2+8+2+0+1+6 = 20
12/8/16 = 12+8+16 = 36

From today until the Super Bowl is 59-days, or a span of 60-days.  

Kanas City = 59; Oakland Raiders = 60

Again, the Super Bowl is in Houston this year.  Houston = 112

Notice the two teams come in with 112 games played.

O / U 46.5 (Raiders = 47)

The Chiefs lead the regular season 59-51-2 and the all-time series 61-52-2.  This will be the 113th regular season game, and the 116th all-time.

K = 11; C = 3; KC = 11 3 (113th regular season game)

Kansas City = 32/41/50/59/122; Chiefs = 32/41/50; Kanas City Chiefs = 64/73/82/91/172
Oakland = 22/31/58; Raiders = 38/47/74; Oakland Raiders = 60/69/78/132

Both teams are in their 57th season.  Fifty-Seven = Championship = Super Bowl

Let us examine the QB records.

For Alex Smith, this will be his 138th total game, and he is playing for his 79th win, or 59th loss.  At home this would be his 44th total win, or 23rd loss.

In the regular season, he is playing for his 76th win or 56th loss.  It would be his 43rd win at home, or 22nd loss.

This will be Derek Carr's 45th game, and he is playing for his 21st win or 25th loss.  On the road, he will earn either his 10th win or 13th loss.

Let us examine their birthday quickly.

Alex Smith = 39/48/111/666

It has been 215-days, or a span of 216- since Alex's 32nd birthday, May 7, 2016.  His 33rd birthday is in 150-days, or a span of 151.  151 is the 36th prime

When you sum 1 through 36, it totals 666.
6x6x6 = 216
It's very interesting how his birthday lines up with the name and the game.

Derek Carr = 47/56/83/498

From Derek Carr's 25th birthday, March 28, 2016, was 255-days, or a span of 256.  To his upcoming 26th birthday, is 110-days, or a span of 111-days.  Alex Smith = 111

If Carr wins, he'll get his 21st against Alex.  Twenty-One = 42; Alex = 42

Now, onto the coaches, first Andy Reid, of the Chiefs.

Notice this will be Andy Reid's 61st game with the Chiefs.  He is hoping for his 41st win.
Kansas City = 41 (41, the 13th prime) (Both teams would be 10-3, kind of like '13)

Notice he also has 113 career losses, in the 113th regular season game against the Chiefs and Raiders.

Andy Reid's 58th birthday was March 19, 2016, 264-days ago, or a span of 265.  His 59th birthday will be in 101-days, or a span of 102.  Andy, as heavy as he is, better be careful at age 59.

Del Rio is coaching in his 29th game for the Raiders.  Football = 29

He is looking for his 18th win or 12th loss.  All time, he is looking for his 86th win, or 82nd loss.

From Jack Del Rio's 53rd birthday, April 4, 2016, to today, is 248-days, or a span of 249.  To his upcoming 54th birthday, is 117-days, or a span of 118.

On Thursday Night Football, the Chiefs are 3-2, and the Raiders are 3-3.

Tonight's game will be the third time the two division rivals have met on TNF.

Chiefs 20 - Raiders 9

Raiders 24 - Chiefs 20


  1. If chiefs lost. They be 9-4. Chiefs is on the 94th meridian

    1. Alex Smith=111, home record for the NFL right now is 110 wins, could it be 111 for Alex Smith that = 111.
      Also 111 days from Derek Carr's bday.

      Zach I have 77 wins for Alex Smith
      already,(football a wins gives him 78, Oakland Raiders=78
      He has 59 losses, if he losses he'll have 60 which also equals Oakland Raiders.

    2. The AWAY record for the NFL is 80, so win gives 81 if you were curious.

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  3. I like the Raiders for this. Yes, the Chiefs and Alex Smith absolutely own the Raiders. They really do OWN the Raiders. But, there is more at work for this game.

    The Big Oakland Fire seems to be tying to this fire theme. The Chiefs will wear fire red uniforms for this game.
    There is Derek Carr's perfect winning record at night and on Thursday.
    The Raiders are wearing all white (why? purity and innocence?).
    Zach posted another fake police shooting with strong 60 coding. Why 60? Larry Bird had his 60th birthday yesterday, on Pearl Harbor day. It was the 75th anniversary. 75th = 60. Pearl Harbor = 60. Derek Dallas Carr = 60. Oakland Raiders = 60.
    The Tennessee Fire was blamed on juveniles = 117. One hundred seventeen = 1302. Derek Dallas Carr = 132 EO.

    The Chiefs can go 6-0 at home. But, why schedule this for Thursday? They could do that on Sunday.

    So, my conclusion (and bet) is on the Oakland Raiders for the win, sending them to 11-2. I think 11-2 will be a key number this Sunday (see SF 49ers, Dallas Cowboys, NE Patriots, Cleveland Browns).

    1. Just realized one problem... Kansas City can give Oakland their 400th loss alltime and 60th in the head-to-head.

      All I can do is hope that is a head fake.

    2. As that mentioned. You saying Dallas will lose too?

    3. Giants came before the Dallas win streak.
      Giants will end the Dallas win streak.

      I think the NY teams (Jets/Giants) win on 39 day.
      Patriots Raiders go to 11-2 but will not see the Super Bowl.

    4. Kc is 4-1 at home Matthew Rhodes, not 5-0, so win gives them 5-1 like Superbowl 51

    5. Good catch. But, I can't edit that mistake.

    6. Oaklands stadium was flooded before their last matchup. Kinda like the opposite of a fire

    7. Fire is orange red, big chiefs will douse the raiders all night long.

    8. All goes back to the 13 coding in the Oakland fire.
      Oakland now 10-3, a lot like 13.
      They even lost with 13 points.
      Chiefs won like the native americans winning in North Dakota.

  4. Its Exactly 53 days to the Raiders franchise birthday and there looking at picking up win 53 against the chiefs all time.

    110 days from Carr's birthday is also like 11, Raiders looking for win 11 on the season and 6th on the road. Six = 52 (52nd Regular season win against the chiefs?)..

    The Chiefs would then pick up there 2nd loss at home dropping to 4-2. Two - 13/58. Oakland = 58. Week Fourteen = 58.

    Smith could pick up his 56th Loss matching the date numerology and his 23rd overall home loss, today leaves 23 days left in the year.

    Of course Smith getting win 43 in week 14 makes sense as well. 14 = 43rd prime, with Carr getting his 13th road loss and both teams being 10-3. Which is a lot like 13.

    I'd probably look at siding here with the Raiders, i like the wins matching the days to their franchise birthday.

    Its also Reids 61st game in charge of the Chiefs and Del rio's looking for his 18th win with the raiders. 18th prime is 61 but i wouldnt hold to much on that one.

    Another Point its 101 days from del rios birthday or 11 if we drop the zero which again matches the 11th season win. I've found this is often the case, birthday matching the direct season victory.

    I think theirs a riddle in their last match as well. Chiefs beat the Raiders 26-10 in Oakland. That game was also 53 days ago tieing in with raiders 53rd win?

    Notice how Del rio's birthday is 101 days which is prime 26. The same score they lost with.. The total points summed to 36 matching todays date and the Raiders lost with 10 points and now Carr's looking for his 10th road win on a date with a life lesson number of 29 (10th prime)...

    I think we see the Raiders get their revenge in this one and go 6-0 on the road.

    1. Correction, reids birthday is 101 days not del rio. Points still stand though.

      Perfect place for the Raiders to pick up win 11.

      Kansas = 11.

    2. Also as above the coordinates can always be important.

      Chiefs to go 9-4 on the 94th M.
      39th P - Ten - 39 (Carrs 10th away win? KC's 10th Season win?

      Arrowhead Stadium - 180. Del Rio win 18?

    3. Hades Revenge? All hail the helmet god Pluto aka the football god

    4. The 49ers and Jets play this Sunday.

      The Jets can go 4-9 against San Francisco.
      The Chiefs can go 9-4 against Oakland.

    5. bro love that 19 and 61 connection but also this is del rios 29th game and that's the 10th prime could keep raiders with 10 wins. these masons are scripting it tight tonight; usually win it lines up tight i usually go with the home team

    6. We'll see what happens. The fact that the Raiders birthday as a franchise matches perfectly with the all time record against the chiefs is too much for me to go against. Also both Carr and Reid have 11 coded into the time from their birthdays with raiders looking for 11th win on the season.

      Good Luck if you take KC, This is one of them games that we shouldnt really take a bet on but with Raiders playing so well and their price im getting involved with a small double on them and SA spurs.

    7. What's the scoop on the Spurs?

    8. spursssss black and grey day i hope

    9. Yeah, there was a few decent connections i found that has me leaning towards the spurs.

      52nd win against the bulls, coaches birthdays 52 days away.

      Bulls go 5-4 at home 54 days after their coaches birthday.

      Spurs pick up win 19 and win 14 on the road. Both sum to 41 and the United center is on the 41st P North.

      One of the coaches birthday is also 10m 10 days away cant remember which. Drop the zero's you geto 11 and the bulls could go 11-11 on the season with a loss.

  5. This why I think Oakland will win tonight

    - Chief No Regular Season Lost in Dec or Jan Since 2014

    1. Good stuff

      And the last team to beat them...


  6. Tribute game for Winchester the long snapper maybe?

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  8. its best for oakland to ownhome advantage in playoffs..what I see setting up is Colts go to Oak for afc champ game since Luck played at Stanford not too far away.
    KC loses so theres wildcard drama for a week or two with Denver and SD and Buff and Pitt and Titans.. but since oak is working on a stadium deal, they need to sell as much Raiders stuff as possible and have everyone focus on them

  9. Check out the Chiefs' fire engine red uniforms for this game.

    Quite a slap in the face to the Oakland fans after that club fire killing all those people (and all the fires in the news recently).

    I wonder if that is a coincidence?

    1. Wow. Good point on the fires

    2. After the flesh burns only BONES remain skeletEn

    3. There was also a skull graffiti on the warehouse building that burned

  10. Why Thursday? December eighth equals 112. Raiders win to go 11-2.

  11. Whoo - Hoo...

    I found another 911: [Freemasonic Symbol]

    "Freemasonic Symbol" = 95 & 911
    "One World Government" = 95

    Nine and Five
    We all have to work Nine to Five = 119
    "Ritual Death" = 119
    "All Seeing Eye" = 119

    The 911 List:
    "Freemasonic Symbol" = 911
    "Tisha Bav" = 911
    "Prison Punishment" = 911
    "Al Qaeda Terrorist Attack" = 911 [156th Prime]
    "False Flag" = 156

    "Al Qaeda Terrorist Attack" = 239 [52nd Prime] & 911
    Which circles us back to the top:
    "One World Government" = 239 = "Al Qaeda Terrorist Attack"

    Have a Nice Day!

  12. Here the 2 key clues I found for the game:
    1)There are 23 days remaining in the year. If KC loses, Reid would get his 23rd overall loss with the Chiefs. Smith would also get his 23rd overall home loss. Kansas would stay stuck on 9 wins, and the 9th prime is 23.
    2)Oakland's next Franchise birthday is in 1 month 22 days (122). Oakland is on the 122nd meridian West. Derek Carr has birth numerology of 122. Kansas City = 122. This game comes 1 month 22 days after the last KC/Oak matchup in Week 6.

    I think Oakland takes it

    1. Agreed, 53 days from the franchises birthday and this will be win 53 for the raiders v the chiefs.

      Last match up in week 6 and now Raiders looking for their 6th road win, exactly 53 days after.

    2. I don't know about this Jeremy. Too early to call a lost?

  13. "Compass and Square" = 815 = "Masonic Symbol"
    "Compass and Square" = 186 = "World Domination"

  14. Check this out...

    I took the Raiders and Bulls in a 2-team parlay.

    Why the Bulls over the Spurs? I think the key is the Larry Bird-Michael Jordan connection.

    Bird wore #33. Jordan wore #23.
    The Spurs are on a 13-game road win streak. End = 14.
    This is the Spurs 14th road game, where they play the Bulls.
    Yesterday, I put a healthy bet on the Celtics because of the Pearl Harbor-75th-Bird = 60 connection.
    Since Bird-Jordan represented the heyday of the NBA back in the 80s/90s, I figure the NBA will tribute Jordan today after honoring Bird yesterday.
    If the Bulls beat the Spurs, it will be the 33rd win for Chicago against the Spurs alltime. 33 is Larry Bird's number with the Celtics (who won yesterday on Bird's birthday/Pearl Harbor Day).
    There are 23 days left in the year to tribute Michael Jordan's #23 with the Chicago Bulls where he was 6-0 in NBA Finals (Larry Bird turned 60 yesterday).

    All these appearances of 60 spell Raiders-Bulls to me.

    1. Unfortunately, there's always that other side of the coin.

      Popovichs next birthday is 51 Days, span of 52 Days, 1 Month 21 days and 7 Weeks and 3 days. Revelation = 121, Prophecy = 52, Conspiracy = 51

      The Spurs lead the overall series with the Bulls 51-32, can improve to 52 wins. Popovich has birth numerology of 52

      Spurs come into tonight with a 13 game win streak. 13th prime = 41, United center coordinates 41 N.
      Spurs can win their 19th game and extend road streak to 14. Nineteen = 41, Fourteen = 41 - 14 Reflections
      Popovich = 104 - Fourteen = 104

      and for shits and giggles.

      "spurs tie warriors streak" = 106

      "spurs tie warriors streak" = 322

    2. Bulls would go 11-11 on the season. Square root of 11 = 121.

  15. when i doubt if team are close even ! could go any way , take the points for the underdawg , could be close will see , both QB come from Moutain west conference so there used to bad weather games from there college days , so i dont see that as much as a factor. ! i take Raider defense super star kalil mack to do another big play and raider win in a low scoring sloppy affair ,asumming weather going to be bad. plus Oakland got some mini sacrfices going for them with oakland fire and this year they had indian teams losing against there rival . example cowboys beat redskins , pirate aka raider beat indians team aka chiefs ( think pilgrim days etc. )idk , sounded good in my head since also dakota pipe line stuff , they dont wanna see indian team do to good this year . this game a important one for sure for AFC . but those are just my thought for this idk will see , go raider at +3 , should be fun finding all those 112 33 42,44, 59, 52 number in this game .!

  16. I like the Raiders for the fact that the NFL needs to keep the wild card interesting in the AFC. A KC and Denver win this week kinda locks up the wild card spots in the ACC. Correct me if I'm wrong??

  17. I like making a fool of myself which is why I am going with the Chiefs. A few reasons why I like the Chiefs are...

    1) Chiefs have beaten the Raiders the last 3 times at home, as well as, the last 4 times in regular season. Tonight will be number 4 & 5, kinda like 45, or Derrick Carrs 45th game starting.

    2) This is the 113th regular season match up between the two and Andy Reid is sitting on 113th losses for which I think he stays. A win tonight and a win next week will give his team a 11-3 record, perfect for a loss against Broncos bringing his team to 11-4 just like his loss record of 114 (speculation of course)

    3) Chiefs lead the regular series against the Raiders 59-51. There are currently 59 days, a total of 60 till super bowl 51, from tonight. A win tonight brings the Chiefs from 59 to 60 in the serious leaving Raiders on 51 in super bowl season 51.

    4)Home Win/Loss Ratio is currently 110-80. A Chiefs win tonight will bring it to 111 to start the week. Derek Carrs 26th Bday is currently 110 days away or total span of 111

    Here is the rest of my work:

    12/8/16 = 38/83/128/812 – 59/60 days till SB 51 – (1m28dys, 8wks3dys)
    Date Numerology is = 20, 29, 36, 56
    (49th week overall)(NFL Week 14)
    343th day, 23 left
    Week Fourteen = 58, 67, 148, 888, 1246, 1406
    TNF = 13, 40, 256
    Thursday Night Football = 95, 104, 257, 2066
    Kansas City = 32, 59, 122, 1184
    Missouri = 42, 60, 123, 708
    Kansas City Missouri = 74, 119, 245, 1892
    Arrowhead Stadium = 72, 81, 180, 1413
    Coordinates: 39N 94W

    Raiders (10-2, 5-0 away) @ Chiefs (9-3, 4-1 home)

    57th time at Chiefs – tie 31-24 (32-24 or 31-25) Chiefs won last 3

    113th game in reg season and Chiefs lead 59-51 in the series (60-51 or 59-52) Chiefs won last 4

    Chiefs in their 57th season, Raiders in their 57th

    Chiefs – Andrew Reid = 56, 101, 758
    18yr; It’ll be 285th game: 170 wins 113 losses (171-113 or 170-114)
    - 58 years old, 3/19/58 – 101 till or 102 – 3/11 – 14/3 – 264 since or 265 – 8/19 – 37/5

    Alexander Smith = 63, 72, 153, 1143
    (#11) It’ll be 133th game, 250 career passes & 371 attempts (77-55 or 76-56)
    -32 years old, 5/7/84 – 150 till or 151 – 4/29 – 21/3 – 215 since or 216 – 7/1 – 30/5

    Chiefs = 32, 41, 50, 131
    Kansas City Chiefs = 64, 100, 172, 1315

    Raiders – Jack Del Rio = 43, 52, 88, 232
    11yr; It’ll be 168th game: 85 wins 82 losses (86-82 or 85-83)
    - 53 years old, 4/4/63 – 117 till or 118 – 3/27 – 16/5 – 248 since or 249 – 8/4 – 35/3

    Derek Carr = 47, 56, 83, 308
    (#4) It’ll be 45th game, 300 career passes & 458 attempts (20-24 or 19-25)
    -25 years old, 3/28/91 – 110 till or 111 – 3/20 – 15/5 – 255 since or 256 – 8/10 – 36/3

    Raiders = 38, 47, 74, 299
    Oakland Raiders = 60, 78, 132, 465

    1. if chiefs win there be 10-3 boss not 11-3 also
      if they lose there be 3-3 on thursday football vs raider and 9-4 record which means idk yet lol

    2. If you looked at the Cheifs schedule you'll notice they play Broncos in two weeks, the'll go 11-3 against Titans next week which is what I was referring too. And then 11-4 against Broncos and most likely 11-5 against Chargers to end their season, just in time for the 115th congress

    3. Problem is there is soo much shit to know, what was the indicator?

      After studying I think it's the simple regular season matchups was it.

      113 matched the losses, didn't mean a loss for kc, it meant it matched up to the winner, the 113's.

    4. Thats the problem, there doesn't seemed to be an indicator unfortunately, well not at least a consistent one through all matches. The above statement about regular season match ups doesn't hold true as i've seen and lost money backing through that method myself.

      With indivdual matches im generally starting to think were wasting hours of our time decoding something that will always have duality, with no indicators or any kind of order to the importance of the connections we nearly always come to the conclusion of guessing.

      I mean we've been doing this a long time now and we still don't know if:

      The date difference should include the end date or not.
      If we should take the regular season record over the All time record.

      The reason we cant work this out through trial and error is because it has no symmetry there's no pattern to these games at all. The only thing i would say is when a big event happens in the news you can usually find tributes to that event in an upcoming match up, especially if the team involved has connections to the event like last weeks fire in Oakland.

      I originally had KC when i first looked, however what i found for the Raiders looked so clear cut.

  18. Here's another good breakdown of this game. Lot of connections with 23 for KC and 112 for Oakland.

  19. 12-23-2006
    Chiefs 20 - Raiders 9

    Raiders 24 - Chiefs 20

    Del Rios 29th game. Date Numerology of 29, Smiths 44th win at home.

    So weird.

  20. raiders win n yall fools lose ur money to zionist shill controlled op zack shill stein. rfg will pay his student loan debt in monply moneu in his dunce hat haha

    1. Do you copy and paste from your mom's diary Mike Manning-Smith-Douche

  21. tnf games home team record including thanksgiving is 10-5

  22. The man who recovered the ball wears #47 on 4th and 7

  23. How about this?

    Heaven (Raiders) and Hell (Chiefs).

    That's what it looks like on TV.

    1. I don't believe in Heaven or Hell so to me it looks like Winter(white) vs Summer(Red), Moon vs Sun, Night vs Day, ect.

  24. chiefs seahawks defensive superbowl they play the same

  25. I turned the game on looking for Alex Smith 666 tributes and the first play I happen to see is a completion to Travis Kelce down the field. The play was 3rd & 6, and it was Kelce's 3rd catch for 60 yards. 3+6+3+6 = 6+6+6...that certainly didn't take long.

  26. Too early to call. Raiders lost?

  27. I have not seen a team, all season, comeback from more than 14 points down, on the road.

    Hell will defeat Heaven, on Thursday Night Football.

    Oakland has completely forgotten how to play football.
    When that penalty was called on the punt return, I knew something ridiculous was about to happen.

    At least, it looks like that is the story the NFL is trying to tell with this game.

    1. Ya, that punt return being called back (Oak player outside?) didn't even show the replay...

  28. if it get's to 28-3 take out your starter's no point some1 getting ill

    1. wtf is this gematria shit costing money every day

    2. Hella!! I don't know about this gematria...

    3. Just be patient, it's a fine line between, placing bets on information and gambling. I too am down for the year, because of my eagerness/ignorance, but am coming back. All the while learning. Try not to get too eager would be my counsel. Watch, do, learn and evaluate. I wish you all the best.

    4. PS, for me, I'm looking this as some form of 'tuition' or tithing, I did both. Both had it's merits, but I woke up from them too.
      All the best.
      Go easy on yourselves and more importantly, others.
      Remember: Money is #'s too. (in the ultimate endgame)

  29. Derrick Johnson goes down and wears #56 like the day gematria.

    1. He looked like he just fell down? Didn't even look like he was in pain?

    2. Also, the reporting on Derrick Johnson out was very quick then expected

  30. Zach documented how the raiders were 15 points down in their last game and then the game changed. 15 was significant to the fire and 38 which was a number on that last match.

    Raiders were down 18 points when #56 goes out the game and suddenly Raiders couldn't get a first down then went 91 yards on the final drive and picked up the td.

    Del Rio is looking to get his 18th win for Raiders. So interesting that these events happened with the 18 point differential then raiders get the TD that gives them a shot.

    Not saying there going to go on and win it but just documenting the same kind of pattern from their last match.

    1. Nope, TD after the INT could be game changing.

    2. 31 total points. 11th prime = 31. Raiders looking for 11th win this season. Raiders 10 pts, Carr looking for 10tj win.

    3. I generally am mystified - How does the public not see all this happen and not put 2 and 2 together?

      Its ridiculous you literally couldnt make it up on a week to week basis.

  31. The sideline reporter just said that Jack Del Rio said, "We're here, we're 60, let's get it done." She said it like it was nothing when talking about what the coaches plans were at halftime regarding the game. People all over America were probably saying "what the hell does that mean?". Of course, Oakland Raiders = 60. Really throwing it in our faces.

    1. People all over America we're thinking more like "pretty lady says thing. must be important. i love cheeseburger."

    2. She also said Andy Reid told her the key to the first half for the Chiefs was Alex Smith finding 6 different receivers. I was listening for a third six but didn't get one that time :-(

  32. did the halftime stats point towards a kc win or do you think Oakland makes a comback

    1. Definitely a comeback. They do this every week, almost a guarantee now.

  33. Current score = 13-21

    1321 is the 216th prime number.

    6x6x6 = 216

    1. 13+21= 34

      34 is the 9th Fibonacci number

      23 is the 9th prime number

      Today leaves 23 days left in the year

      and 83 (the football number) is the 23rd prime

      Today's date = 83: 12/8 (1+2=3/8 or 8/3=2+1)

    2. Today marks 8 weeks and 3 days (83) till super bowl 51 or 1 month and 28 days (128 like the date 12/8) till super bowl 51

    3. Raiders coach gets his 83rd loss which lines perfectly with the score of the game (see numbers above)

    4. Good call, I like the way you think! Here is something I posted on Jeremy's Fields of white blog that may be of interest. Going into the game, KC had scored 281 points. Scoring 21 brought them up to a total of 302, which looks like their 3-2 TNF record at kickoff. KC opponents have scored 242+13=255 points against them. Oakland's TNF record before the game was 2-5. Oakland has scored 345+13=3'58' points this year. Oakland=58=Week Fourteen. Oakland's opponents have scored 299+21=320 points. Again, KC had a 3-2 TNF record heading into the game.

  34. I bet Janikowski kicks a 22yd fg next

  35. 31 total halftime points
    Thirty one = 134/53
    Comeback = 134/35

  36. Kansas City player had a sure interception, intentionally dropped.

  37. How did Cooper not catch the ball? I wonder what Score they want?

    1. Yeah that Cooper play looked really weird...

    2. if you are still scratching your head as to what score they want? You can just scroll 4 comments up and see my post I made during the 3rd qtr knowing that was the score that was going to stick for the remainder of the game ... if you're still wondering

    3. Nice catch NumbersGame! I saw your post above and it seemed like a solid conclusion, just didn't realize you posted it an hour before the game ended.

      That certainly explains Cooper's chicken-leg fail on that deep ball in the fourth quarter.

    4. Numbers Game good stuff! impressive

  38. Replies
    1. Gematria is wrong on this game

    2. Nope, you're interpretation of the numbers were wrong... because I won my bet which was Chiefs, souly based off of gematria, prime numbers, and mathematics

    3. The numerology is never wrong, usually we are when we get it wrong. I know a few people that said Chiefs win and they use Gematria so that is nothing to do with it.

    4. I showed in the decode how the strongest alignment was with Alex Smith. How could you say the gematria was off? It was right on.

    5. It's trying to understand what are the IMPORTANT numbers for the game.

      I thought it would be 60, but it wasn't.
      I thought it would be 112, but it wasn't.
      I thought it would be the fires, but it wasn't.
      I thought it would be the uniform colors, but it wasn't.
      I thought it would Derek Carr's undefeated nighttime record, but it wasn't.

      It was just KC owns the Raiders.

    6. @Mathew... ths 60 was important... it was 59 days till SB51 or a total span of 60

      Chiefs lead against Raiders in regular season wins with 59.. tonight brought them to 60 wins

      And it wasn't about 112, but rather, 113...

      Also it was about the fires and uniforms because Chiefs wear Fire Engine Red....

      At it was 110 days till or a span of 111 days till Dereks next Bday, and the over Home win loss record went from 110 to 111 tonight.

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  40. Any of you scratching your heads saying chiefs had no gematria all you have to do is scroll up in this comment section and see my post where I mention my top 4 reasons why I chose Chiefs

    1. Well, you had it all the way. Great calls all the way through the game. CONGRATS!

      Now, can you do that again for this Sunday? There are some major matchups that need some serious decoding.

    2. I'm definitely not perfect by any means. We all have our losses

  41. Chief probably aint gonna loose no more games until the playoff

  42. The_ Game is rigged _folksDecember 8, 2016 at 9:03 PM

    Chief probably aint gonna loose no more games until the playoff
    yes, theyll lose their last two

    1. So Ram you telling me that the Titans,broncos going to beat them in the next two games I don't think so

    2. I can see that happening. It'll stir some things up in the AFC south and west...

    3. We'll see then cause they haven't lost in Dec or Jan Since 2014

  43. Hey Zack I know #95 Chris Jones I know him real life

  44. The_ Game is rigged _folksDecember 8, 2016 at 9:29 PM

    So Ram you telling me that the Titans,broncos going to beat them in the next two games I don't think so
    since when have division games been a given? this is KC that never wins when it really counts in the script.
    theyll beat titans and lose the rest

  45. The_ Game is rigged _folksDecember 8, 2016 at 9:36 PM

    We'll see then cause they haven't lost in Dec or Jan Since 2014
    because they were the team fighting for a spot. This time they are the duck in the water


    Hey guys this can be pretty useful. Check it out, you can play around who you think is going to win for the rest of the season and it simulates the playoff seedlings based off of your picks.

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