Saturday, December 24, 2016

36 151 666 | The Jesus Christ & Santa Claus connection is the "Number of the Beast"

Notice the gematria of 'Santa Claus' and 'Jesus Christ', they are interrelated.

Again, when you add the numbers 1 through 36, they total 666, or the number of the beast.

Again, Revelation is the 66th and final book of most Bibles, including the King James Version.  "66"... "666"....

Here in the United States, the children are indoctrinated into Christianity through gimmicks such as Santa Claus, celebrated at the time of the Winter Solstice.  'Santa' is a reshuffling of the letters that spell 'Satan', as in 'The Synagogue of Satan'.

When you know how to calculate the number of the beast, things start to really add up.

The other parallel is both names are a lie about men traveling in the sky.